Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Chemotherapy Deaths and Hidden Statistics

NHS is 'Masking' Number Of Patients Dying Of Cancer Treatment, Warns Lord Saatchi

It seems likely that many people proclaimed by a doctor to have died of cancer, were actually killed by the treatment... not the disease!

Healing cancer with logic and reason is about the clash of ideas for treating cancer. My aim is to explain the logic behind choosing alternative cancer treatments, as I did.

It is common practice for a doctor or pathologist to declare that the patient has died from cancer, even if the real cause was organ failure or some other crisis ultimately caused by "side-effects" of radiotherapy or chemotherapy.

This practice hides the true record of harm and failure evident with modern cancer treatments like chemotherapy. This is probably widespread in the United States and other countries too. Judging by the video interview below, it seems very evident it is!

According to The Huffington Post...

The NHS is "masking" the number of cancer patients that die from their treatment, Lord Saatchi has said.

The peer said that up to 15,000 cancer patients could be dying annually in the UK.... from their treatment!!  but official figures only classify the underlying cancer as the cause of death.

Lord Saatchi said that doctors should know about the effect of the treatments. (They obviously do)
And he said that it is "dis-empowering" to patients because it denies them access to information about treatments.

Later today, he will ask a Parliamentary question about the number of such deaths, but is expecting to be told the the Office For National Statistics does not hold such data.

"In other words, the statistics do not reveal whether 1% or 100% of cancer patients ultimately die from the treatment or from the disease," he said.

"That is the problem.
"So the point is that Big Data, which is supposed to be the cure for everything, has not arrived in the world of cancer where statistics are not available to distinguish death from cancer versus death from treatment."

Read Full Report from Huffington Post

But it seems this could be a massive underestimate, judging by the interviews below, regarding the results of autopsy...

The ubiquitous practise of cover-up following autopsy:
Dr. Michael Farley talks about the damage cancer treatments like chemotherapy and radiation does to the body. He also has a surprising statistic regarding cancer and causes of death. It might make you consider different treatment options. 

What is normally revealed (and kept quiet) at autopsy will shock you!

iHealthTube.com - Traditional Therapies Kill, Not Cancer

Not allowed to tell the truth, false misleading pathology reports hide the true facts about conventional cancer treatments. If you're not honest about TRUE RESULTS of your treatments, how can you ever make progress? You cannot progress in medicine unless you learn from your mistakes. But these mistakes (patients killed by the treatment) are not allowed to be recorded!

If you want to lose your job and livelyhood, give the true cause of death!

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