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Why Cancer is Like a Frog

The Science of Failure... as Cancer Outsmarts Chemo Drugs!


Please allow me to explain why cancer is like a frog. A bizarre thought, but it involves a CORE PRINCIPLE...that might explain the following dilemma in fighting cancer; why chemo drugs often fail... or even make the situation far worse. You see, all lifeforms (including cancer) are programmed to SURVIVE...

 "Current strategies fail because cancer cells EVOLVE new ways to beat drugs -- or hide from them. Today's surgery, radiation and chemotherapy cannot always find and destroy them before they destroy us." (

The current talk in the science world is about how cancer is able to outsmart their drugs.
According to the science based web site Cure Cancer Project: 
"After 50 years and 200 billion dollars we have not cured cancer. Last year alone, over 570,000 Americans and 7,000,000 people worldwide died of cancer. Why?"

(A sobering thought is that the vast majority of the above victims will have been treated with conventional toxic treatments... such as chemotherapy!)

Unfortunately, they fail to see that the PROBLEM is the...TOXIC TREATMENT!
Chemotherapy drugs are designed to interfere with natural processes...with toxic effects.

Hint: chemotherapy drugs are declared to be carcinogenic.

Should you be stupid enough to attack a tiger with a spade, you will probably get a ferocious and frightening response. Trying it again with a bigger and better-designed spade, will probably end with a very predictable outcome!
This is the nature of the beast. But this is a feature of most biological organisms. To survive they must fight, adapt, change or mutate. We see this with viruses and super-bugs.

Why cancer is like a frog: 

 It is said that if you put a frog into a pan of hot water, it will leap out instantly with immense speed! Injured perhaps, but alive!

Yet if you put a frog into cold water and heat very gently, it will fail to realise the danger and so will slowly be overcome, and gradually cooked to death.                                                                                        

Please note: The above is a essentially a metaphor. Whether literally true is not too important. Some experiments done in the 19th century suggest this happens, if the water is heated very very slowly. The main point being that if hit with a massive and obvious threat to life, reaction is automatic and instant, as per natures common built-in survival mechanism.
In the hot water scenario, the frog is equipped with a natural inbuilt reflex or auto-response, which helps it survive any such threat or danger. (Survival mechanisms are common in living things)

In the cold water situation, the frog was duped by a plan based on knowledge of how nature tends to work in most species. (The auto survival mechanism is nullified or disarmed)
Likewise, cancer cells respond to toxic assault, trying to survive by any means possible. Some will likely adapt and mutate in the wrong way, and die out. Others will mutate in a way that has resistance to the drugs. Patently only the toughest and best adapted will survive such toxicity. These then become the new generation, with added capability and more deadly survival mechanisms.
Of course much of this need not happen. Natural non-toxic treatments are akin to the COLD WATER method... They pose no obvious threat, and appear to be safe natural substances familiar to these (formerly normal) cells, and thus of no obvious threat.......until it's too late!

Natural strategies can slowly render cancer helpless, by a variety of means and methods. Cancer becomes weaker, while the immune system becomes stronger, and the whole body becomes healthier. The system is now in a position to take control back, and overthrow cancer!
There are many ways to achieve this. For a start, cancer, (which requires 15 TIMES MORE GLUCOSE than normal cells) can be subject to a much reduced supply of sugar...(by a major change of diet). It can also be made to live in a much more alkaline environment than it ideally needs...etc etc etc.. In short, with the right strategy and protocol, you can potentially outsmart cancer and put it out of business.

And...because you have healed and improved the whole system, instead of just zapping a tumour or two, you are in a much safer position regarding likely cancer in the future. This is at least the theory, which I tend to consider should be at the heart of all cancer treatment....with chemo drugs perhaps being only employed as a last resort.

And Cockroaches Too... 

Cockroaches shock scientists as love for sugar evolves to evade dying through sugar traps!! Proof that living things quickly mutate and adapt to survive mans poisons.

If you are in doubt about natures built-in survival mechanisms...
 Cockroaches' sense of taste evolves away from sugar traps.
"A mutant strain of cockroach that can outsmart the sugar traps used to kill them has evolved, scientists in the US have found.
The US team of researchers say the insects have "reorganised" their sense of taste so they perceived the glucose used to coat poisoned bait as bitter rather than sweet."
In other words, a strain of "mutant" cockroaches have EVOLVED in just a few decades, that now detest their favourite type of foods like sugar..and jam etc, .and now prefer other things like peanut butter. This is what organisms do to survive.These cockroaches were being slaughtered by "sugar traps". The response?  Their genes had to change the taste buds and adapt, or the slaughter would inevitably continue. If they now taste sugar, they instantly spit it out! And their offspring will continue to do the same.
 Nature is extremely smart!!
A scientist goes on to say that this is akin to what we see with resistance to other things like rat poisons and various medications etc.
Outsmart Your Cancer: Alternative Non-Toxic Treatments That Work by Tanya Harter Pierce. ( AUTHOR )

Instead of CANCER outsmarting the (chemo) treatment... 

NATURAL TREATMENTS work by outsmarting cancer!!

 If you have followed the above reasoning so far, you may understand that cancer can become a formidable opponent when attacked with toxic drugs. But that is the exact opposite of the natural approach, which can be a much more effective tactic in most cases. Tanya Harter Pierce explains below how effective alternative treatments can be.
Outsmart Your Cancer was the first book I read when I was diagnosed with cancer, and facing 6 months of chemo. There are a good number of alternative treatments explained, so as to provide a considerable choice. It is essential to at least have an understanding of what's out there and available to try. Many of these treatments have been devised by highly qualified people with medical or scientific backgrounds who have an approach that exploits the few weak spots unique to cancer cells.

See the bottom video for a good overview.

Videos that explain the basic ideas in Outsmart Your Cancer, by Tanya Harter Pierce

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