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Alternative Cancer "Miracles" and Success Stories

Below I present evidence of some of the remarkable victories over cancer...and include some of the hardest most aggressive and hopeless cases that tends to prove something more than sheer luck.

Here we have PROOF obtained from the press and the internet involving credible sources, that shows how people are able to use alternative cancer treatments with great success...often despite being terminal!! 

(More will be added in due course)

Even When Conventional Medicine

Has Given Up Hope...

Nurses Story

Chemo nurse admits chemotherapy doesn't work...and when diagnosed with cancer herself, turned to Gerson therapy to banish her tumours!

Here we have a nurse who discovered she had very aggressive breast cancer that had spread from her arm pit to both breasts and her breast bone....and than to her lung. Virtually without hope, she decided to try Gerson. Find out what happened... In her own words...

Stage 4 Lung Cancer Patient Proves Hope Is Not Lost with Alternative Treatments

Lung Cancer Patient Now Cancer Free After Alternative Therapies at Sunridge Medical (News report) 

Another nurse: Janet's story:
Janet had stage IV lung cancer and was declared without hope of survival. But she was persuaded to try a Macrobiotic Diet, which involves no meat or dairy or sugar etc. Although she found it difficult, she is cancer free.

This TV newscast was originally produced by Channel 8 in Cleveland Ohio. Janet was diagnosed with stage IV cancer. After 6 months of following the macrobiotic regimen, her condition had improved markedly. After less than 2 years she was disease-free. A remarkable recovery testifying to the healing power of the macrobiotic cancer-prevention diet.

Another case where diet has played a major role.

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Patricia's Story

"We had very little hope. I had been diagnosed Stage 4, and probably 2 months to 2 years to live" 

(PRWEB) August 14, 2013
In December of 2012, Patricia was diagnosed with Lung cancer and underwent surgery to remove part of her lung. After finding the cancer was also in her lymph nodes, her surgery was followed by chemotherapy and radiation. Feeling sick and weak from the treatments, Patricia, a resident of Idaho, said she felt like she was dying. Her doctors were also losing faith. “We had very little hope. I had been diagnosed Stage 4, and probably 2 months to 2 years to live.” That’s when Pat and her family decided to try something else.
Patricia was initially diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer, and opted for surgery, chemo, and radiation, after which, it later transpired that she had stage 4 cancer. It had now spread and was evident from her pelvis to her liver, and up to her throat and even her tongue!! With this finding she was told she had only months to live. So she tried an alternative option... at Sunridge Medical, a research center in Scottsdale...  Full story

Interesting Quote on Addressing the Cause, from Sunridge:
"Although conventional medical treatments such as surgery, radiation and chemotherapy have come a long way in their ability to eradicate cancer cells and tumors, these treatments are aimed only at the destruction of the tumor or malignancy and ignore, sometimes even aggravate, the underlying disease conditions which led to the formation of the cancer in the first place. Unless the cause and preconditions of the initial cancer occurrence are corrected, a high risk of disease progression and recurrence remains. Unfortunately, this is what we commonly see in the traditional medical system." Quote by Sunridge Medical...

 That tends to confirm a view expressed in my recent post: ABCDEFG = CANCER

Reverend George Malkmus

This man had colon cancer...with a tumor the size if a base ball....
hear how he cured a radical change of diet. 

A Change of Diet Cured My Cancer...

The Jane Plant Story:

Incurable Cancer Bites the Dust!

The Alen Taylor Story:

The story of Alen Taylor who was given a few months to live with incurable colon cancer that had spread to his intestines. See post:

Laetrile / B17


The Sandi Rog Story:

Did Mangosteen juice vanish this young mans cancer?

Jon's story

Jon's story: Describes natural victory over vicious Lymphoma...
Incredible story of a young man diagnosed with lymphoma in both lungs...and chemo was making things worse...

Cortney Campbell Story:

How I beat cancer...

Cortney Campbell, wife to Kevin, mother of two, teacher, and holistic cancer survivor. When I was diagnosed with cancer in 2008 there was just not enough information about non-toxic cancer therapies on the Web or anywhere. I knew that my heart called me to say "no" to conventional treatment, but the lack of support and resources for alternative treatments was disheartening....

In October of 2008 Cortney was diagnosed with Stage II Nodular Lymphocyte Predominant Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. After weeks of testing confirmed by PET/CAT scans and a bone marrow biopsy, her and husband Kevin had to make a decision. Were they going to go with the oncologist’s recommendation of R-CHOP chemotherapy and radiation? There were so many unsettling factors. The type of Hodgkin’s she had was very rare and there were no conclusive studies on what type of conventional treatment was MOST effective. The chemotherapy that was suggested by her oncologist had many side effects, but the one she found completely unbearable was infertility.

Read her story and reasons why she chose alternative cancer treatment. In fact she chose the  Bill Henderson Protocol  as I did. She is currently fine and well...and judging by the photo's of recent offspring, has no problem with infertility!!

Full story here: Green Drink Diaries

Rod Peterson' story

Rod Peterson from Canada had kidney cancer which, following surgery, had spread to the lungs. He was told there was nothing more to be done, and to go home and relax because there was no further treatment that could save his life. However, after some intensive research,  he made a brave decision...

Freds Story

Fred Hatfield was given three months to live by three different doctors, but he cured himself of his cancer with a low carb (ketogenic diet) and is still clear of cancer a year later.

Ann Cooper's story

Deadly pancreatic cancer gone!

Diagnosed almost 13 years earlier, Ann tells her story of how she beat one of the most feared of all cancers mainly with diet and suppliments...chiefly pancreatic enzymes.

Jay Kordich Story

Lethal bladder cancer gone!

While still at collage Jay was diagnosed with bladder cancer, normally considered fatal by the medical profession in those days. What did he do? He hitch-hiked from LA to New York to seek treatment from visionary Doctor,  Max this video explains

Lisa's Story

Stage 3 melanoma

Healing Cancer from the Inside Out...
See what is really going on. The real statistics. The lies, and the smoke and mirrors employed to convince us that conventional cancer treatment is making "BREAKTHROUGH after BREAKTHROUGH...almost monthly, yet 5 year survival rates for some cancers remain at zero.

Meanwhile, with the right protocol, ordinary people are able to cure their own cancer at home or with minimal help using safe non-toxic natural treatments. The evidence is legion.

A great book on the subject of alternative cancer treatments is written by Ty Bollinger, called  Cancer: Step Outside The Box  (instant download)

Or available on Amazon (paperback) here:

Available on Amazon (paperback) here:  Cancer: Step Outside the Box

More Laetrile success stories...

Laetrile Case Histories: The Richardson Cancer Clinic Experience

Laetrile, or B17, has been used to treat cancer with great effect. This book supplies case histories from a clinic and the doctor's actual records, providing ample evidence of how effective this treatment can be, especially as many are regarding late-stage cancers where the patient has been given only a short time to live.

This new, updated and revised edition includes a follow up 30 years after the patients were diagnosed with incurable cancer. Proof is in the actual life-span of these people who, previously, had been told by their doctors that they had just a few months or weeks to live. Cases include...


Man : patient "M136TB"
Age when cancer was detected : 17
Year of diagnose : 1975
Statistical life expectancy : less than a year
Life extension : alive and well after 30 years in 2005


Name : John Peterson
Age when cancer was detected : 61
Year of diagnose : 1973
Statistical life expectancy : a year
Life extension : 13 years, died at age 74 in 1986


Woman : patient "H132I"
Age when cancer was detected : 59
Year of diagnose : 1973
Life extension : 27 years; died at age 86 in 2000


Name : Lorraine Ford
Age when cancer was detected : 60
Year of diagnose : 1974
Statistical life expectancy : 6 months
Life extension : 5 years; died at age 65 in 1979

Tried first chemotherapy, to no avail.


Name : Lorette Lau
Age when cancer was detected : 61
Year of diagnose : 1975
Statistical life expectancy : a year
Life extension : 22 years; died at age 83 in 1997

Read reviews / buy the book

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  1. How i survived lungs cancer.
    I was diagnosed of lung cancer in 2011 and the doctor (oncologist), because i was a chronic smoker who started smoking from 16 and told me i had just two years to live that my lungs had been damaged, that even on the best medication i still had two years. I needed help because i was scared to die and i did chemotherapy, radiotherapy and it was unable to treat or help me. I coughed nearly every minute. In my death clock counting just 6 months remaining, if you knew me then i was good as dead because the cancer had eaten me up. My wife was fortunate enough to contact doctor Amber, a herbal doctor who came and treated me in our house using his medicine and that is how i was saved (where western medicine and methods failed), that was the greatest decision my wife had taken aside marrying me. Today i am totally fine without any symptoms of cancer, it was all confirmed by my oncologist that i am clean. Do not die in silence or rely only on western medicine herbal medicine is very effective. If you have any related form of cancer simply contact the doctor directly on ( for more information about his treatment.