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Can the MIND Heal Cancer?

Why do doctors ignore people who heal cancer by alternative means?

Why no studies into the THOUSANDS of cases of spontaneous remission?

Radical Remission! Is it Possible that Your Mind Can Heal Cancer? 

Apparently so!

Yes, this is almost certainly true.....because everything is 100% connected, and our thoughts tend to create biochemical reactions, both positive and negative. There is a biochemical reaction to every emotion we feel. 

* See amazing Proof below...  
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like someone cured of cancer by a radiotherapy machine that wasn't actually working!!

All our thoughts (and events surrounding those thoughts), tend to create a biological reaction. The problem is that in our often stress-filled lives, we mostly experience NEGATIVE biological reaction.

Conversely, we can enjoy thoughts and events that result in POSITIVE biological reaction.
It is strongly indicated that STRESS...can have a huge impact on health, and is often at the heart of major illness, including cancer.

And...  what we BELIEVE can also have either positive, or negative effects and results for our health.

My warts disappeared like magic! But how?

When I was a teenager of about fifteen, I had a large wart on my knuckle. In fact it was a cluster of warts, commonly known as a king wart. This large wart would sometimes get scraped and bleed, given that I was a typical outdoor lad who lived in the country. However, one day I was with a mate in the back yard, and I asked my mother how I might get rid of the warts. To my surprise, she came up with a cure she had heard about many years earlier. She told me that all you need to do is rub it with some steak, then bury it in the garden....and when the meat rots, the warts will rot away too. Mother then went and fetched a small piece of steak, while me and my mate looked at each other with raised eyebrows. A few weeks later my warts started to crumble away and slowly disappear!! Before long they were completely gone, and never came back. The warts rotted to nothing, as did the the expected time frame!

I suppose that in my mind, I imagined the meat rotting away, and that was psychologically linked to the warts, and, even though sceptical, I probably had some expectation, due to SUGGESTION, that it might work....and that delivered the desired result.

Forty years later, when I was diagnosed with cancer, I believe this experience was hugely helpful, and provided a deeper understanding of how belief can help the body to heal and react in favourable ways.

Conversely, negative beliefs can have dire effect on your health and healing prospects.

Your Health is Extremely Reliant on WHAT YOUR MIND BELIEVES...

"When we truly understand and appreciate just how much our mindset controls our biology, we can use this knowledge to create health and happiness."

~ Dr. Bruce H. Lipton PhD, author of the book, Biology of Belief

"It's not stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it."

~ Hans Selye, pioneering Hungarian endocrinologist

The Pressure-Cooker Lifestyle...

In today's fast-paced world, people seem rarely 'philisophical' about life's ups and downs, and instead will often take things to heart, and get angry. In short, our world has become harsher and less tolerant in many ways. The drive toward competition in every sphere, has driven us to become less relaxed about life. Life can be akin to a pressure cooker. This state of affairs can be observed if you look at old films from the 1950's whereby most people would be seen to be living a much slower paced, relaxed way of life. If you then switch to a film from recent times, the faster pace of life, and all its pressures, becomes pretty obvious.

The harsh reality:
Whereas years ago we lived in close proximity and helped each other to get by and get through difficult times, nowadays we are more likely to go it alone, be independent minded, and show the world we are able to cope. Admitting we cannot cope is to imply weakness. Showing weakness has become taboo.

In short, modern life can mean PROLONGED and REGULAR bouts of anxiety and stress are extremely commonplace.

And...if you tighten a guitar string to the max, it is very easily broken. This is also true of health, resulting in heart problems, strokes, and other stress-related diseases.

However, this is not just about controlling or avoiding stress, it's about using your MIND and programming yourself to HEAL  - and get back to good health.

BUT FIRST... You need your body to be on side!

Why wouldn't it be? 

Because we all do a lot of internal chatter...and cussing and cursing ourselves can become a daily habit. Could it be that we often program ourselves to the point where the body is insulted and loses the will to fight and do the essential maintenance? Or, if afflicted with a disease, it could easily lack the necessary motivation or will-power to fight the good fight!

Understanding your subconscious mind...

And the possibility of (inadvertently) programming yourself towards bad health and early death!

Your subconscious mind is ultimately in charge of all the [non-conscious] and vital life supporting factors that keep us alive every second for 80+ years. Billions of unseen vital tasks per day....all interconnected and interdependent upon each other, - and all required to be faultless in the extreme. carry out this hugely complex job - involving unimaginable complexity - with virtual perfection, it cannot afford to be tied down with CONSCIOUS THOUGHT! Thus it is not tasked with that job. That is obviously done by the conscious mind.


Unfortunately, this means the subconscious mind will tend to take the thoughts emotions and words employed by the conscious mind LITERALLY.

 The subconscious has no sense of irony.  It is very SUGGESTIBLE!!
You might not mean it but....If you keep saying - "I wish I was dead", or "I'd be better off dead", or "I hate my life" etc, (or similar self insulting rhetoric), then eventually this type of language, - and accompanying emotions and implied self resentments, can possibly kick-start a very negative response from your auto-pilot best friend!!

So avoid this type of harmful self talk!

The big danger here is that each time one suffers a crisis or a big negative emotional event, (including scary imagined events) the bloodstream is flooded with potentially harmful "stress hormones" and associated biological events that gear up the body for either FIGHT or FLIGHT....unfortunately putting the immune system into a state of paralysis or suppression for a significant period. Imagine if this stress is prolonged or constant or affecting your life on a daily basis! What has your immune system missed? Will it eventually catch up, - or be overwhelmed with the accumulated workload?

Medical science tells us that we all have cancer cells cropping up on a daily basis, but these are normally controlled and deleted by the immune system. But what if the immune system is suppressed by constant or regular stress?

The good news!

The good news is that your "auto-pilot best friend" may be very SUGGESTIBLE....but this can work in a very positive way too.

In fact the subconscious cannot differentiate between real life, or IMAGINED life situations. (This is evident when you imagine a (potentially) imminent fight or conflict with someone in your minds eye, and you instantly notice your heart race and your blood pressure going through the roof!)

So if you deeply imagine something very positive, you can create a situation of healing. Positive self affirmations can also help to create a better internal environment, and better health in general.

Optimism and belief can inspire football teams, tennis champions, or armies to win against the odds. It has biochemical effect.

Ideally, an alternative cancer treatment is a TOTALITY treatment. This means addressing ALL logical causes and likely solutions that can endow the body with what it desperately needs to reverse the cancer process and heal the body. Not just one substance or treatment, but a protocol of measures that attack the problem from all sides…..but in a non-toxic way! The fact that many have been successful, means almost everyone possibly could be, – IF medical science switched its focus toward perfecting such protocols, and then adapting things to suit each patients’ unique situation, genetics, and potential deficiencies.

The other key aspect is to heal the mind, which can (at times) get into self-hating or life-hating mode….and thus create a downward spiral for health. We program our minds daily…without realising it. Eventually this may spawn disease.

When I got diagnosed with bowel cancer in early 2010, I needed an operation to save my life. But following that I refused 6 months of chemo, and followed the Bill Henderson protocol best I could. But I also improvised over 14 months with many other things, such as essiac, curcumin, pau d’ arco, bitter apricot kernels, etc etc. I decided to be relentless and take no prisoners! I THINK MY BODY GOT THE MESSAGE THAT I WANTED TO LIVE!! Even if I have implied otherwise over the years. Make sure you are on good terms with your inner self!

A ground-breaking new book by Dr Lissa Rankin may interest you if you want to learn more about this topic in greater depth, and it may be key to MAXIMISING your chances of beating cancer.

"The cancer patient cured by a broken radiotherapy machine and the paralysed man who walked again after visiting Lourdes: New book shows incredible influence of the mind over the body"  

Full story: Daily Mail

Dr Lissa Rankin's Mind Over Medicine: Scientific Proof That You Can Heal Yourself draws on scientific studies to prove the power of self-healing.

It is often said that the mind has a huge amount of power over the body and a new book has set out to prove just how powerful it can be.

'I refused to trust anything I couldn’t prove with a randomised, controlled clinical trial.
'Plus, having been raised by my father, a very conventional physician who made fun of anything New Age, I was as hard-nosed, closed-minded, and cynical as they come.'
However, as her experience of medicine grew, her views started to change.
She wrote: 'Even the most closed-minded doctors witness patients who get well when, by every scientific rationale, they shouldn’t.

She went on: 'But what if we’ve got it all wrong? What if, by denying the fact that the body is naturally wired to heal itself and the mind operates this self-healing system, we’re actually sabotaging ourselves?

In Mind Over Medicine: Scientific Proof That You Can Heal Yourself, Dr Lissa Rankin lays out many astonishing examples of how the mind can affect the body.

After 10 years of dedicated professional research, Dr Rankin presents this ground-breaking information that turns traditional medical thinking about cancer and disease on its head. In a world where we are all sceptical about what we read in regard to cancer, it is refreshing to have a highly qualified and respected researcher present such valuable information from around the globe.

Do you want to wait 50 years for randomised clinical trials confirming without doubt that this works, or will you accept the overwhelming evidence presented in this book and others?


  • Discover 9 factors radical survivors all have in common
  • How laughing for 5 minutes can boost your immune system
  • Deep relaxation stimulates healing and the immune system
  • Why it's not our genes that control our health, but our thoughts!
  • Why fear, worry and stress turn off the immune system
  • Employing the power of your mind has zero cost.... it's FREE!

Your prescription for radical healing could lie in this book.

Mind Over Medicine: Scientific Proof That You Can Heal Yourself

Own a copy:

For example, she cites one study in which a group of patients were given a saline solution which they were told could be chemotherapy. Despite the fact it was only salt water, 30 per cent of the patients lost their hair!

This is how powerfully the mind can affect the body in regard to health and disease...and possible recovery. In other words, the MIND is an important piece of the healing jigsaw.

As she explains, the body is essentially made of vibrating energy and is powered by electricity at the cellular level. Positive energy is also created by positive warm feelings of love and acceptance, we even feel that  from a pet cat or dog or horse. Powering up your inner system towards self love and acceptance cannot fail to help boost you healing systems to promote greater chances of healing success.

I believe that when it comes to healing modalities, all roads lead to Rome. In other words, each intelligent step will help promote the effectiveness of other measure you take. The mind may play the greatest role.

Dr Lissa Rankin

Epigenetics, and the placebo effect explained...

by Bruce Lipton Ph.D

Your health is not at the mercy of your genes! Far from it. It is possible to influence all manner of issues relating to the health of your body, and explained here.

Finally, going slightly off topic, there is this amazing concept that shows that illnesses, such as chronic debilitating back pain, are created by the mind....and when you realise this, you can terminate the pain for good, as demonstrated by these cases. The theory is that the mind creates such problems to distract you from other major stressful situations you fear or issues you cannot face.

Watch how Dr John Sarno makes peoples years of pain and suffering totally disappear!

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