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Truth About pH and Cancer

What's the Truth About pH and Cancer?

pH strip testing kit

This subject is one of great debate...and confusion. Let's investigate the FACTS, and find some logical answers.

Acid forming foods:
Most of the foods in your local supermarket are acid forming. Almost all processed food,  fast foods and snacks are acid forming. Cola's and most sugar-laden drinks are acid forming. And most of us eat little of the alkalizing foods our bodies need.

This means most people are overly acidic, and that is a disease forming situation, because vital nutrients and minerals are being used up to counteract these acid forming foods. Thus your body can become deficient of vital minerals that are needed for maintaining health. Bad news!

For those that insist that pH cannot be improved by diet...
perhaps you will believe the major authority on all things medical and science based research, PubMed. PubMed comprises more than 24 million citations for biomedical literature from MEDLINE, life science journals, and online books. Citations may include links to full-text content from PubMed Central and publisher web sites.
Here is the conclusion, following a page of discussion titled: 

The Alkaline Diet: Is There Evidence That an Alkaline pH Diet Benefits Health?

9. Conclusion

Alkaline diets result in a more alkaline urine pH and may result in reduced calcium in the urine, however, as seen in some recent reports, this may not reflect total calcium balance because of other buffers such as phosphate. There is no substantial evidence that this improves bone health or protects from osteoporosis. However, alkaline diets may result in a number of health benefits as outlined below: (my emphasis)
  1. Increased fruits and vegetables in an alkaline diet would improve the K/Na ratio and may benefit bone health, reduce muscle wasting, as well as mitigate other chronic diseases such as hypertension and strokes.
  2. The resultant increase in growth hormone with an alkaline diet may improve many outcomes from cardiovascular health to memory and cognition.
  3. An increase in intracellular magnesium, which is required for the function of many enzyme systems, is another added benefit of the alkaline diet. Available magnesium, which is required to activate vitamin D, would result in numerous added benefits in the vitamin D apocrine/exocrine systems.
  4. Alkalinity may result in added benefit for some chemotherapeutic agents that require a higher pH.
From the evidence outlined above, it would be prudent to consider an alkaline diet to reduce morbidity and mortality of chronic disease that are plaguing our aging population. One of the first considerations in an alkaline diet, which includes more fruits and vegetables, is to know what type of soil they were grown in since this may significantly influence the mineral content. At this time, there are limited scientific studies in this area, and many more studies are indicated in regards to muscle effects, growth hormone, and interaction with vitamin D.  (My emphasis) Read the full article:

Note that it is accepted that an alkaline diet (foodstuff) will increase alkalinity, with corresponding health benefits.

It is important to understand that the pH of the blood is automatically held at a steady 7.4 pH in order to maintain life, (otherwise death quickly follows) but, the rest of the body (approx 75 trillion cells) have their own pH requirements, depending on type or organ. However, your blood only represents 8 pints of fluid, (about 5 kg in weight) wheras, for example, the average male might weigh 75 kg. suggesting that about 70 kg of body mass is not blood, and also has key pH requirements to maintain. 

It is this aspect that needs to be addressed (by diet) for optimal cellular health or healing. It is certainly wise to avoid becoming too acidic at the cellular level.

The video below explains the true nature of how acid-alkaline balance works in the body...Some of which will surprise you!

Here's a quick crash-course in the subject of pH and how it affects your health, and how you can use that knowledge to solve various health issues you may have.

Being TOO ACIDIC will make you prone to certain ailments, and being TOO ALKALINE can likewise render you prone to other health problems. This video also gives some great advice on how to obtain a healthy pH with a few simple substances.

Cancer and pH



There seems to be some confusion as to what Dr Otto Warburg discovered, and said on this subject. Below is reference to Wikipedia on this issue.

The Prime Cause of Cancer:

"Cancer, above all other diseases, has countless secondary causes. But, even for cancer, there is only one prime cause. Summarized in a few words, the prime cause of cancer is the replacement of the respiration of oxygen in normal body cells by a fermentation of sugar." -- Dr. Otto H. Warburg in Lecture. Wikipedia - Otto Warburg

Scientific explanation:

This video is essential viewing to understand the complexity of the process, and how the body works to "balance the books" so to speak. You will also learn how vitally important acids are to fight pathogens.

It is hoped that this information will help people avoid making mistakes regarding pH. With greater understanding of the processes involved, you can make better informed choices.

It is probably wrong to try and live with a strictly "alkaline body" as some suggest. You can go too far. It is probably a good strategy against cancer to RECTIFY your pH, which may have become too acid due to a poor diet over many years. (Cancer also makes the body more acidic as a side effect).  But as you will have learnt, becoming too alkaline can create a host of health problems too.

Correct balance is key to good health and fighting disease. A truly healthy diet - and plenty of exercise - should guarantee a consistent healthy pH. However, to alkalise your body substantially, for a short period while fighting cancer, is apparently a good tactic. This is what I did myself, by including a supplement called Ultimate pH Balance, which are drops you add to a glass of water. I also took plenty of barley grass, a very alkalising supplement. I am convinced that to alkalise the body for a short period of a few weeks in this way can significantly help to stunt the progress of cancer.

Dr Robert O.Young:

It is said that cancer patients are normally acidic. This is due to wrong diet or possibly stress issues etc. Orthodox medicine pays no great attention to this fact. The cause of your cancer is never really investigated or discussed. According to Robert O. Young, cancer can be caused by a failure of the body to eliminate acidic waste from your body. i.e. retaining its own waste products.

The body will always maintain the blood pH at almost 7.4 and all superfluous acid will be dumped into the intercellular fluid, and then eventually it will go to the kidneys and be eliminated via urine.

Saliva should be at least 7.2.

Urine, when measured with a pH strip, should be 7.4 or greater. Anything less than 7.4 indicates you are in acidosis. Cancer patients and diabetics are always going to be around 6 or 6.2

The best time to measure pH is when we are most acidic, which is first thing when you wake up in the morning.

The importance of juicing for bringing your body to an optimum alkaline state, and resetting your health quickly

Professor Paul Davies.

 "Cancer cells are not invincible, they are quite vulnerable. Cancer loves sugar, hates oxygen, so we have to deprive them of sugar, give them plenty of oxygen, and restore pH".  Professor Paul Davies.

A top physicist recruited by the National Cancer Institute to crack cancer suggests current cancer theory and treatment is seriously misguided...Continued here...


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