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Why Cancer Drugs Fail

The First World War  Vs  The War on Cancer 

Progress in the "war on cancer" is reminiscent of the type of progress enjoyed in World War One... in the trenches of the comically summed up by Captain Blackadder from the series 'Blackadder Goes Forth'...

"We've been sitting here since Christmas 1914, during which time millions of men have died, and we've advanced no further than an asthmatic ant with some heavy shopping!”

Blackadder Goes Forth (BBC TV)

Blackadder Goes Forth  BBC TV

Is it logical to try to heal a sick person with huge doses of poison?

Below I reveal...
* How conventional cancer treatments are akin to the failed strategies of World War One...
* Proof of how deaths caused by toxic cancer treatments are routinely hidden from the public...

War on Cancer: Strategy Fail...

The "war on cancer" was declared by President Richard Nixon back in the early 1970's, and since then, despite many billions of dollars spent on research, (currently said to be 5 billion dollars per year) deaths from cancer have continued to rise and rise. In fact cancer was the #7 cause of death in the US in 1970...but is now #2 . (40+ years and very little real progress)

Like the First World War, millions have died in the war on cancer. Strategy has proved to be quite hopeless, but they stick to it nonetheless. One more push - they cry! So why is progress so dismal? Wereas the First World War lasted 4 years, it has been over 40 years since the War on Cancer was declared!

Cancer is a notoriously complex disease. Attacking it with a solitary chemotherapy drug (or combo) with the sole aim of wiping out the tumour, is a strategy as bonkers as deploying a single type of weapon to fight a war.  By relying on this SINGLE WEAPON STRATEGY the enemy (cancer) can adapt and find ways to outsmart the attack. Not only that, but chemo drugs actually attack our own troops and destroy our best weapons!! (the immune system etc)

So we have a battle strategy whereby we deploy a [potentially lethal] chemical weapon that cripples our own troops and vital defences, gambling that the cancer will die before we do!  If not, then we are in big big trouble, because the enemy (cancer) can then possibly regroup and spread, meeting minimal resistance due to devastated infrastructure and crippled defences.

Ditto Radiation therapy.

Alternative non-toxic strategies:

Conversely, the majority of alternative cancer treatments typically employ a much different approach, with a far more HOLISTIC wide-scope strategy (known as a protocol) that addresses the cancer problem from several or many different angles, mainly with concentrated nutrition and special substances with known anti-cancer effects. These strategies build and strengthen the immune system and boost health, while at the same time diminishing the viability of the cancer, - by denying it the advantages it once had, such as plentiful sugar - and other cancer promoting habits. They also work to eliminate the underlying causes.

Pathologist reveals true cause of most cancer deaths

Most are killed by the treatment, not the cancer: Dr Michael Farley talks below about the damage cancer treatments like chemotherapy and radiation does. He also has a surprising statistic regarding cancer and causes of death. It might make you consider different treatment options, when you hear about the findings of typical autopsies. Proof that people are dying from the damage caused by treatment, not cancer!! 

What is usually found at autopsy (but always kept quiet) will shock you! - Traditional Therapies Kill, Not Cancer

Further reading options:
Many natural non-toxic treatments exist that offer far greater success, and are unlikely to kill you. I personally refused chemotherapy, (which I felt would finish me off) and followed the The Bill Henderson Protocol which to my mind is one of the best available at the current time, especially as a DIY system you can do at home. (instant download)

Another great book on the subject of alternative cancer treatments is written
 by Ty Bollinger, called  Cancer: Step Outside The Box  (instant download)

 Available on Amazon Cancer: Step Outside the Box

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