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Be Warned...Sitting Causes Cancer!

Prolonged sitting promotes killer diseases, including cancer, and according to experts, is as bad for you as smoking!!

Sitting causes cancer. Image:

Studies show that too much sitting has a grave effect on health and is also a major cancer risk. It seems that large amounts of sitting can become yet another cancer promoting activity. 

While prolonged sitting is unlikely to actually trigger cancer - as a carcinogen potentially can - it may however help support cancer (and disease in general) by supplying an favourable environment.

 If sitting promotes cancer, then it makes sense to limit your sitting to short periods. It is now discovered to be as harmful to your health as smoking 20 cigarettes a day! However, you can hardly give up sitting!!

But of course you can cut down!

Latest research on a large scale has shown that those that do the most sitting, have a far greater risk of early death. Strangely, even those who do plenty of exercise, cancel out any benefits if they are otherwise sitting for long periods throughout the day!

It seems to me that this is yet more proof that cancer is a systemic disease, where cancer is the result of a number of unwise behaviours and/or accidental mishaps, regarding the internal system. It is ultimately this system that must be addressed to truly heal cancer, requiring a number of radical changes. Cancer (as established disease) is rarely - if ever - spontaneous. It always has a good number of contributing factors and behaviours that help cause and promote its existence.

As many of us do a great deal of sitting, this is a very important finding that none of us should ignore. And it must surely be even more important for those desiring to fight cancer and eliminate cancer! (especially in the longer term)

So, if you are now living an anti-cancer lifestyle, and doing the right things to eliminate cancer from your life...for good, then be aware that you should refrain from sitting for long periods, keep as active as your health allows, and make sure you do plenty of walking, at the very least. It is advisable you get up and move around every half hour or hour, and take plentiful breaks from this health-degrading activity.

The following is an extract from Jon Barron, regarding cancer.

Sitting Causes Cancer Even if You Exercise
Jon Barron
New studies show that sitting for prolonged periods significantly raises your risk of cancer. We already knew that sitting contributed to diabetes and heart disease, but cancer? Yes, cancer! And even more, that risk exists whether or not you exercise regularly, although short exercise breaks during the day can reduce the risk. To stay healthy, you need to do your exercise, but also, refrain from excess non-stop sitting.

According to research presented at the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR), up to 173,000 new cases of cancer could be prevented annually in the US if people sat less. The two types of cancer that seem to be the most influenced by sitting too much include breast cancer, with 49,000 cases annually directly attributed to long periods of sitting, and colon cancer, with 43,000 cases. Scientists also found that less sitting might prevent 37,200 cases of lung cancer, 30,600 cases of prostate cancer, 12,000 cases of endometrial cancer and 1,800 cases of ovarian cancer. And this is a conservative estimate, says Christine Friedenreich of Alberta Health Services in Calgary, Canada, who conducted research on the link between cancer and sedentary lifestyles.
Earlier research turned up similar results. A recent Australian study published a few months ago found that people who spent more than 10 years in sedentary occupations doubled their risk of colon cancer and had a 44 percent increased risk of rectal cancer. Last year, Alma Patel of the American Cancer Society led a study of 123,000 individuals and found that mortality risk rose in proportion to the amount of time people spent in their seats, no matter how much exercise those people engaged in. She also found that the death-by-sitting syndrome affects women far more than it does men....Read Jon Barron's full report Sitting causes cancer, even if you exercise

Also confirmed across the media...

Sitting at your desk for six hours a day dramatically increases the risk of cancer and diabetes (MailOnline)
Compared with those who reported sitting four hours or less a day, those who sat for more than four hours a day were significantly more likely to report having a chronic disease such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. 

Professor Richard Rosenkranz, who led the study at Kansas State University, said the more people sat, the bigger the health problems.

He said ‘We saw a steady stair-step increase in risk of chronic diseases the more participants sat.

‘The group sitting more than eight hours clearly had the highest risk.’ The latest study follows research last year on 222,000 people which found sitting down too long increases your risk of dying within three years, even among the physically active'. MailOnline: Sitting health risk factors including cancer

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Why is sitting so dangerous?

It seems sitting is akin to stagnation, and is the exact opposite of exercise. It gives the body the opportunity to pile on the pounds, while burning minimum calories. Also, blood flow is relatively impaired in the legs and buttocks, which, as we see with long distance plane journeys, can sometimes lead to dangerous blood clots, known as "deep vein thrombosis". That is evidence of clear and obvious sitting-related short-term dangers, but it's quite likely that something unhealthy is going on that has longer term effects too. And our addiction to TV and computers is obviously adding greatly to our sitting habits. On top of this, many people have a job that involves a great deal of sitting....and most even sit while we travel to work. Our comfy life has become a health hazard as bad as smoking! Essentially, chronic INACTIVITY is very bad for your health.

Another consideration is the fact that while sitting, you are probably breathing very shallowly and barely oxygenating your cellular environment, whereas when walking vigourously, for example, you will be pumping oxygen to all areas and maximum oxygenation takes place. And coincidentely, regular prelonged walking is known to help minimise cancer risk, and also improve outcomes.

Why Sitting is Bad for Your Health


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