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War on Cancer Vs War on Terror

Why the War on Cancer has proven  to be as misguided as the War on Terror...

Can we really trust governments and "experts" to be highly rational? Or is our faith misguided?

Catastrophic errors in strategy have ensured that both

"wars" have been major failures...

Here we can see the striking similarity between two "wars" that have been declared against cited enemies. Namely TERROR and CANCER. Both of which involve a macho declaration of war....and an enemy that is technically very weak - in reality....yet made far stronger and more deadly by irrational and insane strategies.

The following is not a political rant, but simply a brief review of the objective facts.

Outline: War on terror / strategy fail

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Declaring war on terror was a rather comic-book concept. Al-Qaeda, a (then) relatively small terrorist group, who had previously committed a small number of atrocities in various parts of the world, happened to get extremely "lucky" on 9/11 - due to very lax Airport Security, and woeful failings in regard to the International and US Intelligence sector.

Had this rather fantastical plot - involving the hijack of several jet airliners - been foiled, (as it surely should have been), then those involved would simply have been arrested, tried and convicted. Yes, Al-Qaeda would still have been pursued....but it's very unlikely we would have seen the "War on Terror" declaration, or the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq....that resulted in hundreds of thousands of totally innocent / unconnected people losing their lives. The crazy War on Terror was the result of  shock and FEAR. This lead to a major OVER-REACTION involving highly irrational, almost insane measures, including Allied invasion of Iraq...and total war (on a country totally unconnected to Al-Qaeda or the events of 9/11) based on non-existent "weapons of mass destruction"...never to be found. In reality, the real enemy, (at that time) was very small and weak in comparison to the US. Yes it got very lucky and scored a major hit on that dreadful day, but that was down to a few dozen committed fanatics. That did not warrant the major wars that irrationally followed, and the dreadful loss of life of Allied troops, or thousands of innocent civilians.

To go after Al-Qaeda was rational and sane. But to do it by declaring a war on terror and creating two major wars, which then lead to years of wholesale slaughter, resulting in a predictable backlash from Muslims worldwide, who felt threatened and under attack, was not rational or sane. This insanity helped to radicalise and recruit masses of new followers for Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda., quickly transforming it into a much bigger stronger and more deadly entity than it could ever have imagined. Some estimate that this action resulted in around one million deaths! Many or most of the deaths that followed resulted from the chaos and factional fighting and civil war in the region, but nevertheless it was the War on Terror that ripped the region apart and created the chaos in the first place.The legacy of this has been a massive rise and spread of extremism and hatred aimed at the West. FEAR helped to create these insane political decisions which ultimately increased the size of the problem a thousandfold.


To be fair, the secondary aim in Iraq was to liberate the Iraqi people from a ruthless dictatorship, and it was expected that the people would be hugely grateful and greet their soldiers with open arms and flowers. Sadly this was naive, and instead quickly unleashed factional hatreds and dreadful carnage. A catastrophe more extreme than anyone could reasonably predict. How can Muslims slaughter other Muslims? That too is beyond comprehension to most of us.

Talk about unintended consequences!

Point being...can you really trust governments and "experts" to be highly rational?

Outline: War on cancer / strategy fail

The so called  "war on cancer" declared by President Nixon in the early 1970's spawned a massive industry, as millions of dollars were handed out to those officially involved, igniting a march towards employing new technologies... with radiation and chemo weapons at the heart of the strategy. Forty years on, billions have been spent deploying this strategy, even though results have continued to be dismal in regard to extending life, and five year survival rates for many cancers remain very low. But the more billions you invest in one direction, the harder it becomes to turn back or change policy. Furthermore, the financial returns involved from the Cancer Industry that subsequently evolved, has ensured that things go in the most lucrative direction for all involved. (Average cancer patient generates income of almost $1Million dollars)

The main approach has been to kill the cancer, destroy the tumour... and hope the patient is still alive at the end of the treatment. This approach, like the one relating to terrorism, is based on FEAR. The medical profession is terrified of cancer. They have never been able to come up with a reliable drug that can defeat cancer. They win some, but lose many. Unfortunately they are locked into a set approach that allows for little or no manoeuvre. Doctors have no choice. They must apply the standard approved treatments...or nothing. Employ any type of alternative natural cancer treatment protocol, (as some have done) and you lose your licence, your career, and you will probably end up in prison. The cancer industry is run with an iron fist. Therefore, the treatment of cancer does not attempt to detoxify your body or eliminate other cancer promoting factors, no matter how obvious. And instead of boosting your immune system, it is almost wiped out.... by either chemotherapy or radiotherapy, or both! Thus, if the "enemy" is not totally completely eliminated, (and that rarely happens) it is often left in a stronger position, while the body is left in a far weaker one. The enemy (cancer) is now stronger, more aggressive, and more deadly....while the body is now weak, sick, and without defenses. As with the war on terror, the enemy is ultimately helped to become many times more deadly. See below for their latest strategy.

FEAR is the key

The public fears cancer... doctors fear cancer... and governments fear cancer. It is so feared, that any technology or pharmaceutical intervention that can offer some hope, is seen as a gift from heaven. And the prevailing Cancer Industry can name their price. (and do)

Governments have no other real choice. If a panel of experts recommend A..... they go with A.

Even tiny success is better than none at all. Governments have responsibility for public health, so any convincing evidence is good news for them. They also tend to have infinite faith in technology...and related experts. In fact governments rely totally on "experts" who can provide answers to various problems.
And of course, the Cancer Industry is well equipped to supply them. They own the whole circus. They mark their own homework, and can easily make sure that data is favourable to support their programs and research. I am not necessarily suggesting total corruption, (even if the pharmaceutical industry has been found guilty of many major abuses and had to pay many multi-million dollar fines for corrupt practises in other fields, - the largest to date being $7.6 BILLION by Glaxo Smith Kline) but there is huge money involved, plus investors and shareholders to keep happy. There is no incentive to go in any other direction...especially one where all funding and profits would rapidly dry up!

Blinding people with science is the oldest trick in the book!

Tunnel vision....or myopic thinking, leads to a mindset whereby faith in technology and drugs has become absolute. Billions of dollars have been spent in this direction, so they must keep going...until the day they hit the jackpot!  Perhaps the "law of averages" will bring success, (eventually) but how many more decades do we need to wait?

Their latest strategy

Cancer drugs often make cancer more deadly:

If at first you don't succeed...What they find is that with every drug treatment, the cancer can mutate, to become something different, and more aggressive, so they then try a further drug to outfox the (new) evolved cancer....and then another... and so it goes on. In their wisdom they indulge in a type of arms race, creating new drugs to hopefully destroy the new mutations they themselves are creating with their treatments. The lunatics have truly taken over the asylum!

Their toxic chemo drugs create new mutant strains of they need to keep producing new drugs to attack each newly created mutated strain!!

Clearly, most of the deadliest problems regarding cancer are the use of toxic treatments!

This is both a Disease Creation Scheme, and a Job Creation Scheme....guaranteeing jobs and massive new profit streams for many years to come.

To quote one doctor, " We are playing a game of chess". (with your life, by the way) And all because they feel the only way forward is to employ their new improved arsenal of (highly toxic) wonder-drugs....due to their unremitting faith in chemotherapy and radiation, after decades of being thoroughly brainwashed and plied with foreign holidays, kick-backs and endless enticements to play ball, (by Big Pharma) to the advantage of everyone's career, bank balance, and status in medicine. Besides, the medical profession relies heavily on drugs to treat almost every condition, (it's their credo) and so has no real interest in natural health building strategies or solutions. That is seen as beneath them.

To state the obvious, alternative non-toxic methods do not create deadly mutant strains of cancer.

Meanwhile, people are healing cancer themselves...with alternative cancer treatments. Please consider the following questions:

# 1: If there are MANY who have cured their cancer with alternative methods, including people given only a few months to live, (i.e. the most serious and hopeless terminal cases) then why would you completely ignore this phenomenon? 

# 2: And if there are methods that have proven to cure the most hopeless cancer cases, it stands to reason that more minor cases are very likely to be cured by the same approach too. (As they often are)

Why would you hide your head in the sand? Why not investigate? Why run from viable natural non-toxic cures?

Could it be because there is no money to be made from natural healing protocols? And the fact that natural substances and treatments cannot be patented?

There must be a better way!!

The following 2 minute video is an ideal metaphor to illustrate the stubborn stupidity of conventional medicine regarding cancer treatment strategy.

Drunk Russian: Man Vs Fence

Watch as this poor man, who has had a few too many, tries and fails to get over or through a fence for one minute and 30 seconds...
And then...

the most perfect piece of comedy happens...

There must be a better way!!

Please see post: Alternative Cancer "Miracles" and Success Stories for sample of people providing proof of success with alternative cancer protocols. Not just surviving 5 years...but for decades in many cases. See also the book "Alive and well" below, which has many such cases documented by a doctor employing alternative cancer treatments.

"The Person who says it cannot be done, should not interrupt the person doing it". (Chinese proverb)