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Alternative Healing methods: My 4 Year Update

Update: CT Scan Results... Four Years On

Has My Alternative Approach Been Successful?

Fourth year report:
July 2014:
It's four years since my stage 3 colon cancer diagnosis, a five hour operation, and subsequent decision to decline chemotherapy. So earlier this year I decided it would be a good idea to get both a CEA blood test, (checking for a marker related to colon cancer) and a CT scan + virtual colonoscopy, to provide confirmation as to my progress....or otherwise.

I had not had a CT scan for a couple of years, and I figured that catching a recurrence late, might be too late to do much about, especially as secondary cancers can be far more dangerous and aggressive....if not terminal!  Therefore, I decided to be proactive, and persuade my doctor that it would possibly put my mind at rest, following a variety of strange pains and symptoms in recent times.

I was concerned because my consultant had only scheduled me for a colonoscopy in a year's time. That can only provide examination for the bowel, but tells you nothing about the rest of the body. Any recurrence of cancer anywhere else would go undetected.......until serious symptoms start to show up. (usually at a fairly late stage of development)  To my mind, finding a recurrence early is the only hope of a successful outcome. Otherwise it can be almost"game over".

I'm delighted to say that I have just received my results. Thankfully, everything, including my lungs and liver,  has been declared as perfectly normal with no abnormalities!

To be honest it was no surprise to get an all clear, because I had great faith in the logical measures I took over many months. I have not lived in fear and dread, but it is nevertheless a huge relief to get such a letter, as you can imagine.

I am grateful to Bill Henderson for his book, and providing a sound logical strategy to follow, although I didn’t follow every element suggested, I did follow the core principals, and also did a good many other things to maximise my chances of success…..and survival!

Full story: 

Why I Refused Chemotherapy, Fired My Oncologist... And What I Did Instead.... 

However, this result is not a green light to kick the anti-cancer lifestyle!

Protection going forward:  Micro-tumours can lay dormant for years, so it is imperative to maintain a strong anti-cancer inner environment or terrain. This short video explains how cancer can spread and develop by a process called angiogenesis.

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