Thursday, 10 July 2014

Can The pH Miracle Reverse Cancer?

Disease: Why so much? And Could acidity be the prime cause?

Dispite all the advances in science and technology, mankind has never had so much disease!

But why?

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Almost 50% of us are now expected to get cancer. A similar percentage will suffer  heart disease, huge numbers will get diabetes...and so it goes on. It's this SCALE that is so frightening....and nobody seems to have any real explanation or answers.

And this epidemic of [avoidable]disease is largely SELF INFLICTED, man-made, and associated to American and Western lifestyle...which is unfortunately rapidly spreading around the globe.

Given that the medical profession has failed to provide cures for most types of chronic disease, and most successful drugs usually have serious side effects, I prefer to at least be open-minded as to other alternative views and theories.

There has to be a logical explanation, but medical science fails to provide one. Some experts suggest it's our animal protein based acidic diet that is crashing our systems and creating carnage. But is this true?

In the Western world...
  • 1 in 3 will get cancer 
  • 1 in 2 will die of heart disease
  • 35% have diabetes (many as yet undiagnosed)
  • 43 million Americans have arthritis
This list could go on and on.

Perhaps "The pH Miracle" can supply an answer?  In fact the author has recently published his new book on the subject of cancer called  REVERSE CANCER NOW: Scientifically proven to prevent and treat cancer.

Apparently, Dr Robert O. Young has been researching his ideas for 30 years, and has a very radical theory as to why so many of us are sick. In this fascinating lecture, he spells out how our bodies are ALKALINE by design, and ACIDIC by function. He stresses that to gain health, you need to maintain an alkaline state. I have just watched this 7 part lecture series, and hope you might too. Seven videos, all under 10 mins long.

I find his theories on health quite challenging, but interesting nevertheless.

Minerals and how they are vital for fighting cancer

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