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Foods that Fight Cancer: A Guide for Sceptics

Are there foods that fight cancer? Plenty!!

Healing cancer with logic and reason is about the clash of ideas for treating cancer. My aim is to explain the logic behind choosing alternative cancer treatments, as I did.

To the sceptic:

Do you agree with... Richard Béliveau who is a leading authority in the field of cancer research,  and among other things, is the director of the Molecular Medicine Laboratory, Haematology-Oncology Division, in the Charles-Bruneau Cancer Centre at Sainte-Justine Hospital, Montreal..... when he asserts that many types of foods (such as garlic, blueberries, raspberries, green tea etc. can actually fight cancer, and have the ability to kill cancer cells or prevent their progress?
(See book: "Foods to Fight Cancer" by Richard Béliveau Ph.d and Denis Gingras Ph.d.)  -and learn about the new concept of  "nutraceuticals" (nutrients with known health benefits)
Yes / No
If your answer is yes, (and therefore accept that his scientific findings are valid) then you may also agree that if the above (fairly commonplace) foods and herbs have proven cancer fighting potential, due mainly to strong natural chemical defence mechanisms evolved over millions of years by plants (to kill parasites, fungus, and insects etc) then it must be quite conceivable (if not extremely likely) that perhaps some rare and more obscure plant/s somewhere in the world (of which there are many thousands of species and varieties) may have... 
much greater cancer fighting capability... than, for example, common foodstuffs like garlic or green tea?

After all, those foodstuffs just happen to be in our food chain (by happenstance) due to being cultivated for centuries, and were not specifically chosen for their capacity to stave off cancer, even if they do.

If you agree with that logical proposition, then perhaps you might consider it quite possible that someone, or some people, at some time in history, may have happened upon such a plant or herb, used it as a medicine, and perhaps eventually cured someones cancer using this substance, (or some  formulation thereof.)

The above is just for purposes of example. One scenario. There are many conceivable variations and possibilities, given the healing properties and cancer-fighting potential of plants.

This clearly opens up the possibility that various forms of food-based cancer treatment may be viable, as claimed by many, but dismissed by the medical elites.

On top of this,  you can deliver such cancer-fighting substances in a more concentrated form by juicing! This guarantees a much easier way to consume mega-doses of the desired nutrients each day...way beyond what most people could happily cope with, given that the fibre will obviously fill you up quickly. Also, it is much easier on the digestive system.

[Add... an intelligent diet and a protocol designed to enhance health and build a strong immune system, and surely you must concede that a successful natural cancer treatment becomes a reasonable possibility.]

It is not a giant leap of logic that some such viable treatments exist. And the above doesn't even bring to the table many other proven anti-cancer measures, such as those involving minerals ect.

So why don't we all know about any such cancer treatments?
For the answer to that you need to read a few books on natural cancer treatments and their history. Any such treatments are quickly quashed. It is no coincidence that all these natural therapies and their promoters get slaughtered by a massively powerful opponent. (Government sponsored defenders of the current system such as the FDA etc).... all apparently in the name of protecting the public.

They care about you so much, that they "protect" you from any doctor offering an alternative cancer treatment, even if your cancer is said to be terminal!

But is there an ulterior motive for crushing these small fry? Could the main motive be protecting, not the public, but almighty never-ending mega-profits reaped from cancer treatment? I can only leave that question hanging. But all such natural foods, plants and herbs cannot be patented. This means massive investment and years of trials and testing....for each potential substance and its components, with no possibility to obtain a patent on anything, and thus zero profits. In effect, a massive loss. But the biggest loss, would be the instant collapse of income from hugely profitable current cancer treatment, should such natural treatments be proven to work.


Add to the above the fact that alternative medicine and "natural treatments" are a totally alien concept to the big Pharmaceuticals, (and standard medicine in general) and there is an obvious conflict of both theory and philosophy of immense size, - bringing to mind the term 'oil and water', if not 'mortal enemies' that tend to loath each other.

Others have investigated and exposed this far better than I ever could. The video below will open your eyes to how alternative treatments are treated by officialdom and mercilessly suppressed.



Documentary video evidence:
Here is a great insight into the plight of alternative cancer treatments. Extreme prejudice, and stubborn resistance to the truth are quite shocking. You will also see evidence of a number of people who have been cured, including a Japanese surgeon who's metastasised liver cancer was cured. As the commentator Say's...he encountered professional bias bigger than Texas and Alaska combined!! Please watch this short film. (10 mins) 

Richard Béliveau is a leading authority in the field of cancer research, who, among other things, is the director of the Molecular Medicine Laboratory, Haematology-Oncology Division, in the Charles-Bruneau Cancer Centre at Sainte-Justine Hospital, Montreal: His book Foods to Fight Cancer is a must for your coffee table or bookshelf, whether you want to prevent cancer or reverse it.

Dr Mercola on Curcumin for Cancer...

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