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New "System" for Healing Cancer!

In Order to Fully Heal Your Body, You Need Your “SYSTEM” to be Fully "Reconditioned"....  (a bit like a car engine can be.)

Healing cancer with logic and reason is about the clash of ideas for treating cancer. My aim is to explain the logic behind choosing alternative cancer treatments, as I did.

Exposing LOGICAL contradictions in conventional cancer treatments.

Renewing the System

Putting aside surgery that is sometimes essential, conventional treatments are bent on a mission to kill cancer tumours via poison or radiation. In contrast, alternative treatment tends to address the SYSTEM, and its many needs, as a top priority.

When talking about healing cancer, (with alternative cancer protocols), we hear a lot about “building the immune system”, which is obviously a vital component of the job. But in reality, it's not just your immune system you rely on to be healthy or to heal your body..... It's the WHOLE SYSTEM!

For example, you rely on your liver to detoxify your blood. If your liver or kidneys are unhealthy or compromised, your WHOLE SYSTEM will suffer a knock-on effect, and the function of other parts of the body will be less than optimum. Ditto many other internal organs, glands etc. There are systems within systems.

(This includes mental and emotional factors too).

Why Fit People Can Get Cancer Too...

There are thousands of biological components or processes at work in your body, involving millions of important complex tasks each second. Each is interrelated or interdependent in some way.  In other words, there is often a complex chain of essential events that need to happen involving hormones, enzymes, and what have you. And remember, any chain is only as strong as its weakest link. This might help to explain why some obviously fit and active people, to every ones shock, get cancer.

What does this mean?
According to the experts... "The Standard American Diet" (S.A.D) is famously linked to many killer diseases.... including heart disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes and stroke...plus many others! So we can safely assume that most people eating such a diet have a SYSTEM that is probably prone to disease.

New York Times "WHAT will it take to get Americans to change our eating habits? The need is indisputable, since heart disease, diabetes and cancer are all in large part caused by the Standard American Diet. (Yes, it’s SAD.)" http://www.nytimes.com/2011/07/24/opinion/sunday/24bittman.html

It therefore stands to reason, that by building a NEW SYSTEM, (so to speak), we can improve our chances of surviving any disease we are stricken by, including cancer. After all, who wants to fight cancer or heart disease with a system created by an infamous SAD type diet, that has resulted in a life-threatening health crisis?

Every minute your body is renewing and repairing. If it is fed a substandard diet, lacking in lots of vital nutrients, It will build a substandard Body! (And don't be fooled by the exterior. - Many cancer victims looked great in the mirror!)

It's a bit like building a skyscraper with substandard materials. It may look perfectly okay, but Get an earth tremor and It can come crashing down!

It's The System Stupid!

Cancer is a systemic disease. It is born of a sick SYSTEM.  Tumours are a symptom or natural event stemming from an inner environment where normal control mechanisms of the body have started to fail. To heal cancer once and for good is possible only if you address the system that is producing it.

Standard cancer treatment proves this to be true.

Chemotherapy or radiation is given, and commonly the tumour is reduced in size or even apparently wiped out. Everyone celebrates the success. Yet in many cases cancer returns months later. If cancer were just the tumour, then it would be game over when obliterated! Standard medicine does not address the SYSTEM. Like me, if you get cancer you will probably be told to eat anything you like. No attempt to boost your health is made. After surgery and chemo, you are free to go create cancer all over again!!!


Quote: Heart Disease Advice:"Add foods to your diet that are low in cholesterol and saturated fats. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Eat less red meat and fewer high-fat dairy products. Cut down on salt, and avoid fried and processed foods".  http://familydoctor.org/familydoctor/en/diseases-conditions/heart-attack/treatment/tips-for-recovering-and-staying-well.html

(The above is standard Orthodox Medicines' advice, which is probably helpful, but is far from optimal. For example, what does...eat ..."fewer high fat dairy products" actually mean? Eat a few less cream cakes???)

Why is there such a contradiction? The only logical answer is that they employ highly toxic treatment, such as chemotherapy and radiation, and thus it becomes almost pointless to employ nutrition, or attempt to heal the body while at the same time poisoning it! Clearly most such valuable nutrients would be nullified by the treatment in any event, so why go to the trouble. (Let the poor souls at least have something to enjoy!) Having gone through the cancer treatment machine, this was the vibe I tended to sense, and is the only explanation possible. Many report being given similar such advice as I had.

The medical experts cannot have it both ways. If they tell us... "heart disease, diabetes and cancer are all in large part caused by the Standard American Diet." (New York Times).... Then why advise that you CONTINUE WITH IT while battling cancer???????

I can forgive them if they ignore diet / nutrition/ and the system, given that chemo will render the idea hopeless. (not so sure about radiation therapy) But when someone, like myself, decides to decline chemotherapy, then surely diet advice should come into play... (to help save a life... shock horror!!)  Yet they just show you the door. You are left to fend for yourself, and work it out for yourself.  OUR WAY, OR THE HIGHWAY!!

The Gerson Therapy is one such cancer treatment built on this principal. It is famous for its use of juicing. Even the most hideous tumours can disappear...with the right treatment. It's the body that does the healing! Watch how hidious melanoma tumours can disappear.


Reverse-Engineering Your Diet:

The main principle relating to the above, is the key fact that eating a highly nutritious and healthy diet, will DO THE OPPOSITE OF THE STANDARD AMERICAN DIET....and instead of handicapping your body's ability to defend against toxins and keep healthy, will INSTEAD, enhance and boost the body's ability to HEAL ITSELF! (as it is designed to do, if not seriously handicapped)
Obviously, - if not having chemo, this means doing something akin to the complete opposite of how we have been eating to get into a health crisis in the first place.  i.e. stop eating things common to the S.A.D. And instead, eat healthy healing foods and vital supplements. This will normally involve plenty of raw vegetables to ensure an abundance of enzymes, (which are otherwise lost when foods are cooked.) All this helps your body to slowly (and safely) detoxify and gain back health. It is not something achieved over night.

 The Gerson Cancer Therapy/Cure: Can juicing (and change in diet) cure terminal cancer?


I personally did this when I decided to refuse chemotherapy, and employ alternative cancer methods. I ditched all sugar, and started eating like a commando behind enemy lines.... foraging for raw vegetables, filling a large bowl (specially bought so as to hold large amounts of salad etc. which otherwise tumble off a normal plate) and taking a number of recommended supplements, such as selenium etc. I had to get into "survival mode" for several months. This was quite difficult at first, but I figured all this was far less "painful" or unpleasant than six months of chemotherapy, and all the illness and side-effects that go with it.

Watch and listen as the essential theory relating to Gerson Therapy is beautifully explained,  and its extremely LOGICAL and rational approach is underpinned by biology, science, and basic physics.


I must confess that to make things a lot more palatable and tasty, I usually include plenty of sour cream garlic and onion dip, - which I get from a local supermarket.

Not sure how healthy this is, but I commonly add more ground garlic to enhance its cancer-fighting prowess and health benefits. However, this dressing helps me to eat far more such foods than I might otherwise be able to easily consume.

Of course I always included foods identified to have proven cancer fighting attributes. (which incidentally includes garlic and onions) I kept this up for many months, following the guidelines within the Bill Henderson Protocol. I still eat plenty of raw food, and truthfully enjoy it.

Obviously I would not recommend anyone simply rely on diet to beat cancer on its own. It is recommended as one PART of any strategy one might employ with most alternative cancer treatment protocols. (But a major part.)

Below is forceful argument showing how to eliminate cancer for good, instead of endless battles employing chemotherapy and radiation. This lady beat lung cancer.

Ultimately, the SYSTEM is a self healing system, if and when optimum, and not hindered by poor diet. All surgery relies on the body to complete the job. Otherwise it would be futile to even bother.

Fluke or miracle? Or was it a switch to raw food that cured her long standing MS? This woman with MS was obese, wheelchair bound for many years, but now has her health back to NORMAL... through diet... yet her doctors want her to go back on the drugs!!! Orthadox medical doctors cannot comprehend how diet can heal. It simply isn't part of their training or understanding. Drugs are the answer to almost every medical problem! (Simply treating the SYMPTOMS as if it were the disease)

 Hear how she acheived this incredible healing for incurable MS.




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