Sunday, 27 July 2014

Alternative Healing methods: My 4 Year Update

Update: CT Scan Results... Four Years On

Has My Alternative Approach Been Successful?

Fourth year report:
July 2014:
It's four years since my stage 3 colon cancer diagnosis, a five hour operation, and subsequent decision to decline chemotherapy. So earlier this year I decided it would be a good idea to get both a CEA blood test, (checking for a marker related to colon cancer) and a CT scan + virtual colonoscopy, to provide confirmation as to my progress....or otherwise.

I had not had a CT scan for a couple of years, and I figured that catching a recurrence late, might be too late to do much about, especially as secondary cancers can be far more dangerous and aggressive....if not terminal!  Therefore, I decided to be proactive, and persuade my doctor that it would possibly put my mind at rest, following a variety of strange pains and symptoms in recent times.

I was concerned because my consultant had only scheduled me for a colonoscopy in a year's time. That can only provide examination for the bowel, but tells you nothing about the rest of the body. Any recurrence of cancer anywhere else would go undetected.......until serious symptoms start to show up. (usually at a fairly late stage of development)  To my mind, finding a recurrence early is the only hope of a successful outcome. Otherwise it can be almost"game over".

I'm delighted to say that I have just received my results. Thankfully, everything, including my lungs and liver,  has been declared as perfectly normal with no abnormalities!

To be honest it was no surprise to get an all clear, because I had great faith in the logical measures I took over many months. I have not lived in fear and dread, but it is nevertheless a huge relief to get such a letter, as you can imagine.

I am grateful to Bill Henderson for his book, and providing a sound logical strategy to follow, although I didn’t follow every element suggested, I did follow the core principals, and also did a good many other things to maximise my chances of success…..and survival!

Full story: 

Why I Refused Chemotherapy, Fired My Oncologist... And What I Did Instead.... 

However, this result is not a green light to kick the anti-cancer lifestyle!

Protection going forward:  Micro-tumours can lay dormant for years, so it is imperative to maintain a strong anti-cancer inner environment or terrain. This short video explains how cancer can spread and develop by a process called angiogenesis.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Can The pH Miracle Reverse Cancer?

Disease: Why so much? And Could acidity be the prime cause?

Dispite all the advances in science and technology, mankind has never had so much disease!

But why?

Operating theatre. Image: 

Almost 50% of us are now expected to get cancer. A similar percentage will suffer  heart disease, huge numbers will get diabetes...and so it goes on. It's this SCALE that is so frightening....and nobody seems to have any real explanation or answers.

And this epidemic of [avoidable]disease is largely SELF INFLICTED, man-made, and associated to American and Western lifestyle...which is unfortunately rapidly spreading around the globe.

Given that the medical profession has failed to provide cures for most types of chronic disease, and most successful drugs usually have serious side effects, I prefer to at least be open-minded as to other alternative views and theories.

There has to be a logical explanation, but medical science fails to provide one. Some experts suggest it's our animal protein based acidic diet that is crashing our systems and creating carnage. But is this true?

In the Western world...
  • 1 in 3 will get cancer 
  • 1 in 2 will die of heart disease
  • 35% have diabetes (many as yet undiagnosed)
  • 43 million Americans have arthritis
This list could go on and on.

Perhaps "The pH Miracle" can supply an answer?  In fact the author has recently published his new book on the subject of cancer called  REVERSE CANCER NOW: Scientifically proven to prevent and treat cancer.

Apparently, Dr Robert O. Young has been researching his ideas for 30 years, and has a very radical theory as to why so many of us are sick. In this fascinating lecture, he spells out how our bodies are ALKALINE by design, and ACIDIC by function. He stresses that to gain health, you need to maintain an alkaline state. I have just watched this 7 part lecture series, and hope you might too. Seven videos, all under 10 mins long.

I find his theories on health quite challenging, but interesting nevertheless.

Minerals and how they are vital for fighting cancer

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Juicing to Beat Cancer

The Logic of Juicing to Fight and Eliminate Cancer.

There is a clear and obvious logic to juicing if you wish to reverse any disease, even if almost totally ignored by conventional medicine. The quantity and quality of natural raw nutrients available to your body and cells becomes totally beyond compare to that which you could hope to consume by normal eating. And the juice you consume is instantly useful to your body without hours of digestion, complete with natures health promoting enzymes

Although ignored wholesale by Orthodox Medicine, the logic is inescapable: You are made up of what you eat! All the nutrients you (or any other animal) consume, are absorbed and used to build every part of your body, apart from things like fibre, which are expelled. Not only that, but all the systems operating within the body rely heavily on getting the best possible nutrients to allow for optimal function at every level.

So there is a gaping chasm in conventional medicine, where, for some strange reason, the importance of correct nutrition is rather a taboo subject, and they tend to play down its significance.

Highly processed foods are incapable of delivering what the body requires, and as a result, millions of people are susceptible to a multitude of chronic diseases, as their bodies struggle to cope with the toxic world around us.

If  lack of proper nutrition is a major CAUSE of cancer, it makes sense that it must potentially be part of the SOLUTION. Juicing is one way to guarantee high levels of quality nutrients your body silently craves.

Gerson Therapy has been healing people with cancer for over a hundred years. It works! In this video you will discover some of the secrets to its success.

Juicing is a major aspect of the famous Gerson Therapy.

Juicing Vs Blending:

The science of juicing and how to get the very best nutrition to rebuild your entire body, building strong healthy cells from some of the most powerful nutrients on earth such as wheatgrass, by Hippocrates Health Institute...


Saturday, 5 July 2014

Beware Misleading Cancer Studies on food and Nutrition

Cancer studies on nutrition can be scientifically stupid, very misleading, and downright damaging!!

Why are health statistics regarding food and cancer so confusing and  contradictory?  Here's the reason...

Some might say that keeping the population confused on these matters is vital to maintain the consumption of meat and dairy, processed foods, and the mountains of junk food most of the population consumes. Economies depend heavily on this consumption, - and the huge tax revenues gained  from mega-corporations involved. Is this the reason they insist on studies designed to ensure confusion and mixed results that tend to prove almost nothing?

One minute we are told alcohol is bad, a week or two later it's said to be beneficial... ditto butter, eggs, fish, cheese, fat etc etc.  Such studies can sometimes throw up data that is very useful, but, generally speaking, can confuse the entire population and do a lot of damage with highly misleading statements regarding health - and cancer.

But don't worry, the popular press make fortunes out of every single "scientific health study" they are fed!  And we the people swallow it wholesale!! because it's "science"....

Worryingly, such studies can also imply healthy foods like fruits and vegetables have minimal protective effect regarding cancer.

How can this be?

Let's see why this can happen...

Hint: It's all about context!

The folly of reductionism, and Mono-nutrient studies...

As exposed in his book "The China Study"  T Colin Campbell PhD, shows how many studies employ bad science and unfortunate methodology, which, due to the reductionist mindset, loses all sense of the big picture regarding diet and health.

Such studies typically deal with large populations of ordinary people  [from our own backyard] eating the typical Western diet, (not a good starting point) and measure different disease outcomes related to various foods regularly consumed by the people involved. The most famous of these studies started in 1976 and is known as the Nurses Health Study, involving the Harvard School of Public Health and over 120,000 nurses. Can you guess what these nurses normally eat? Yes...typically similar diet to the rest of the US population. Largely a meat-based carnivorous diet....with all the trimmings! 

The problem in clear. What is then measured in terms of health benefits from consuming slightly higher amounts of....[fill in the blanks] is inevitably quite minimalistic, due to the juxtaposition of so much other foods / drinks being consumed that are patently unhealthy.

This is akin to giving 100,000 people a diet of dog biscuits and milk for 5 years, and expecting a sub-group of 10,000 who were also given a portion of carrot or apple 3 times a week to have significantly less cancer and heart disease than the others!

Obviously they would all probably die within weeks, but hopefully you get the point! In theory this sub group would survive better, but would ultimately be quite doomed anyway.

Likewise, had the sub-group instead been give a cheeseburger 3 times a week, (a noted unhealthy food) their health may not have been a great deal worse, - because the general prevailing diet is so dire!

This is analogous to the studies in question, and the prevailing Western diet common to the vast majority of participants involved.

Thus you can get a statement saying that this study shows no benefit from eating [x] in regard to breast cancer, or colon cancer, for example. But what does this actually mean? (if anything) 

Those that ate more of a certain vegetable, for instance, were possibly off-setting any positive benefits with negative dis-benefits from the ubiquitous generally unhealthy (animal based) diet, not to mention all the processed foods and additives. Clearly any potential benefit or protection from cancer would be minimised or diluted, as the effects of unhealthy foods predominate. (as they surely must)

To expect a single type of common nutrient within an (otherwise discredited) Western diet to have huge effect on the most serious diseases.... (IRONICALLY OFTEN CAUSED BY THE VERY SAME UNWISE DIET) is beyond stupid!

Logically, any effect is bound to be marginal at best.

I would not suggest that the Nurses Study or similar ones have no merit or are not useful in some ways, but when it comes to guarding against cancer and other major diseases of our times, they serve to muddy the water, and thus as a society we fail to grasp the nettle, and make the huge RADICAL CHANGES obviously required.

With diseases such as cancer, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, alzheimer's disease etc all growing at such an alarming rate in the West, we have a farce whereby it is implied that minor tinkering with diet might be expected to offer serious protection from such a fate.

MEANWHILE, BACK IN THE REAL WORLD...  as proven by The China Study, (and detailed in the book of that name) people in other parts of the globe not eating a typical Western diet, (like the American nurses) have much less cancer, (and virtually none in some places) mainly due to their more natural plant-based diet....and the lack of cancer promoting processed foods, or heavy meat consumption.

However, studies also show that when people from those places with very low cancer rates emigrate to Western countries like the USA, they, and their offspring, soon develop similar (high) cancer rates to the host country. It is thought highly likely that change of diet is a major factor in that statistic, though not the only factor of course.

The truth about food:
 Food is only one element of importance when it comes to cancer, but a very significant one.  Eating a diet that supplies all the key nutrients to build health is a core factor.  Diet should also help to provide a slightly alkaline pH cellular environment, known to promote health and optimal functioning of the system. This is achieved by consuming certain fruits and plenty of green vegetables, while seriously limiting acid forming foods like meat and dairy, most processed foods, sugar, and other such junk.

Studies, such as the famous Nurses Study, serve to blind  us to the above simple truths. They also serve to  blind the medical profession, - who normally get no significant training about nutrition in relation to health. In fact doctors probably eat as badly as the rest of the population, and are known to have a worse mortality rate!

So when it comes to the medical establishment and their studies relating to diet and disease, (pun alert) we should take all such findings with a large pinch of salt!

Footnote:  The folly of reductionism goes much further than this. It extends to looking at every type of  known substance suggested to work against cancer, and then testing or analysing each separate individual component for its "cancer killing" if it should be a magic bullet that can prove its capability...(all on its own) or not. If not, it will usually be dismissed as of little value. Whereas the WISE, understand that natural components of certain food or substances usually work together synergistically, to provide a desired effect. For example, you wouldn't feed a child nothing but calcium in hope of building strong bones. It requires a huge amount of other nutrients to enable calcium to be usable for that purpose...or any other! Yet medical science insists on singling out each individual element and testing for 'magic bullet' prowess. Thus many cancer-reversing substances have been rejected as of no value, irrespective of all other evidence from those that have been helped or cured due to its use. Furthermore, dependable effective natural cancer treatments rely heavily on a complete lifestyle change and a strict protocol of measures that all work together to eliminate the underlying cause, while effectively reversing the cancer process. A strategy alien to conventional medicine.