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How I Beat Cancer Using Logical Strategy

The Logical Strategy for Beating Cancer

This is an alternative logic to the "logic" of chemotherapy, which has the sole aim of poisoning and destroying cancer cells at all costs, irrespective of damage to the body and immune system - commonly resulting in horrendous side effects - and sometimes even death due to organ failure. A logic that has failed for most types of cancer for many decades. A logic that uses carcinogenic drugs... which often results in new cancers, or, creates "chemo-resistant" cancer cells - that are then impossible to treat, resulting in a far worse situation than you started with. Presumably someone somewhere believes this to be logical, but when there are many excellent proven alternative methods, the choice in my case was quite clear.


Furthermore, this is about strategy and reasoning, rather that a regime to follow. However I believe the principals behind it are valid and hold water.

Following surgery for stage 3 colon cancer in 2010, I was scheduled for 6 months of chemotherapy.  The purpose of this was to hopefully eliminate any cancer cells that have escaped during the (5 hour) surgical procedure, or that may potentially have spread away from the tumour at some earlier time. After giving it a lot of thought, I decided that there must be a better safer way to eliminate any such cancer issues, using natural non toxic methods. The dangers of chemotherapy cannot be ignored. The information pack I received spelled out all the likely side effects and dangers, including the statistical chances of dying from the toxic treatment.

A lot of orthodox medical writers or critics make light of chemotherapy, but many cancer patients die from complications of chemo, such as organ failure, strokes etc, or even from infections due to a devastated immune system. It is claimed that having chemo improves survival rates after colon cancer surgery, as opposed to those who do nothing, and I assume that is probably true. But that doesn't mean it's the best way or the only way to achieve better survival odds. It is certainly the most dangerous and harmful way.

(The documents provided asked if I wanted to take part in a clinical trial. (a few were on offer) but on reading the small print, it revealed that the estimated odds of the treatment resulting in death (dying from the chemo drugs -- not the cancer) was between 1 in 200, and 1 in 500, -- depending on various circumstances and state of health.)

In short, like many others,  I was told that 6 months of chemotherapy would apparently improve my odds by about 15% regarding 5 year survival rate, but would have to risk serious damage or death.... and endure a great deal of toxic treatment for 26 weeks!

The stated 15% survival benefit of chemo is measured against doing nothing....not doing what I chose to do...which was an all natural anti-cancer regime based on plenty of good supporting science and evidence relating to the many substances used. Beyond that, this is my own personal approach which seems to have been successful, especially as I know of others in the exact same position who did the prescribed chemotherapy, and are now dead.

Improving the odds

The logic of my strategy was simple: Unlike drugs, almost all alternative cancer treatments are fundamentally safe and non-toxic, and therefore it is possible to use a wide range of anti-cancer tactics, either alongside each other, or separately in stepped stages. In other words, over a period of several months, one can bombard cancer and employ tactics that can hinder and eventually destroy cancer...while at the same time building health at the cellular level, and improving the immune system. The net result will be a body where cancer cannot thrive, and that is generally resistant to cancer.

How? Cancer is essentially proof of a system failure. It is also proof of cellular malfunction due to a variety of potential issues within the body, and/or mind. (see below) Ultimately the internal environment has become cancer promoting, and has become too weak or ineffective to counter it. This can be rectified.

My tactics are set out below.

"Don’t be afraid to take a big step if one is indicated.  You can’t cross a chasm in two small jumps." 
David Lloyd George

Yes, great changes are needed to terminate the support system that is fuelling cancer, and at the same time bolster natural defences that can eradicate cancer.

Important factors to address:

  • Mindset: Reprogramming your outlook
  • Diet: Radical change is usually essential
  • Conscript Natures' powerful helpers
  • Avoid and eliminate all stress.
  • Build the body's vital resources
  • Restore optimum body pH

Eliminating most types of cancer isn't rocket science...

The problem lies with conventional medical science...which has the strategy of searching deeper and deeper into the complexity of cancer. What they find is more and more complexity... and more and more problems to solve, - especially following their ever more complex cancer treatments!!

Instead they should focus on the simplicity of cancer:
What do I mean by this? I am talking about the simple measures proven to be able to reverse cancer.

No matter how magnificently complex a wasp might be, I know I can potentially outsmart that wasp, and eliminate it with a simple glass jar and some sugary water! 

If cancer healing were not fairly simple... how could large numbers of people heal their own cancer following simple non-toxic approaches? How could some victims cure even stage 4 terminal cancer??? 
A few examples:


Note: Simple doesn't mean easy
While I suggest eliminating most common cancers is a fairly simple process, (when the right alternative approach is used) I do not imply it is easy. There is a big job to do, and that job should not be underestimated. 

Unfortunately those that heal their cancer by alternative measures are ignored, so are entirely off the radar, and become a hidden or should that be FORBIDDEN fact relating to cancer. Any doctor or practitioner involved in such treatment is simply labelled a quack. They may even face a prison sentence! This ensures that these cheap and relatively simple solutions to cancer are snuffed out, and never given the chance to be perfected and optimised.

Once you realise that cancer is not the hugely complex unsolvable disease that the Cancer Industry paints....then you are in a much better state of mind to go forward and do what it takes to eliminate cancer using simple tried and tested logic-based measures. Once you understand what the problem usually is, the better equipped you will be to resolve it.

Important Note: The only complicating issue to be aware of is the issue of genetic differences, which can mean that, (like most other medicinal compounds) a particular treatment will not work for everyone. In this scenario, one simply needs to switch to another alternative option.. Period.

Supporting evidence...

According to Professor Dr Paul Davies, a leading physicist recruited by the National Cancer Institute to re-evaluate what cancer actually is - totally free from orthodox medical dogma....
"Cancer cells are not invincible, they are quite vulnerable. Cancer loves sugar, and hates oxygen, so we have to deprive them of sugar, give them plenty of oxygen, and restore pH". (Dr Paul Davies).

As he explains... 

"It might surprise you, but conventional medicine has no official theory or explanation for cancer"
(No wonder they struggle to get significant success in most cases!) But...if they had an official stated theory, it might be in danger of being contradicted. While they keep things vague, they are on much safer ground!

He also tells us...

On gene expression: "If you take a cancer cell and put it in a normal healthy cell tissue environment, it reverts back to a normal cell.....and if you put a healthy cell into a cancer cell environment, it "joins the enemy" and switches to being a cancer cell!!!"  So there is a lot about the tissue micro-environment that determines whether cells are healthy or malignant". - See more at: http://healing-cancer-with-logic-and-reason.blogspot.co.uk/2014/01/can-this-physics-scientist-crack-cancer.html

Cancer is not "invincible"...it is vulnerable and weak!!

Cancer is sometimes called "immortal" but obviously is not. Its purpose may be a mystery, but in fact it will die when the host dies. That is not immortal. So what's going on? Cancer cannot ultimately profit from its actions. Here I must REPEAT a previous quote by Professor Paul Davies...

On gene expression: "If you take a cancer cell and put it in a normal healthy cell tissue environment, it reverts back to a normal cell.....and if you put a healthy cell into a cancer cell environment, it "joins the enemy" and switches to being a cancer cell!!!"  So there is a lot about the tissue micro-environment that determines whether cells are healthy or malignant"

Does that sound like an invincible "immortal" enemy to you? 

The above statement strongly implies that the deciding factor regarding cancer expression is the cellular micro-environment. That suggests that a chief aim should be to manage and control the internal cellular environment  to reverse cancer. Newsflash! This is what most alternative cancer treatments mainly focus on, and have been doing successfully for decades!

Chemotherapy poisons and pulverises the internal environment. In fact, conventional doctors completely ignore the micro-environment, and tell cancer victims to eat anything they wish!!

Yet diet is the prime way to change and improve the micro-environment.

Cancer = System Failure:
According to experts, everyone has has about 70 TRILLION CELLS...and of these, a small percentage go wrong in the act of dividing. The result is a mutated malfunctioning cell that cannot use oxygen to metabolise, and instead resorts to and alternative metabolism using the fermentation of sugar or glucose. This is actually happening all the time in everyone. Everyone has cancer existing in their body.

Many cancer cells arise every day, but the [healthy] system will eliminate them as a daily routine. However, when the system is handicapped... by a combination of factors such as poor diet, toxic overload, heavy sugar intake, or emotional upset or prolonged stress etc, we have a system that is overwhelmed and fails to cope with all the mutated cells in question, and some may escape being deleted By definition this is undoubtedly a system failure. Thus healing the [failing system] is paramount.

Note: Bill Henderson sometimes refers to cancer as S.I.S.D. (Sluggish Immune System Disease)

Cancer cells (due to mutation) refuse to die on command, and continue to reproduce on an indefinite basis, without normal biological controls. Of course, this all sounds extremely scary. It suggests an "unbeatable foe"....but this if far from true. This type of language (or propaganda) can help to justify the poisonous and deadly treatments the cancer industry have to offer. It also locks people into fear.

This "immortal enemy" has a number of serious weaknesses:

1/ It gets its energy from fermenting sugar, instead of oxygen, like normal cells. Thus it is anaerobic and requires a low oxygen environment to truly thrive.

2/ It cannot easily thrive in an alkaline environment....which promotes the above well oxygenated body.

3/ It is susceptible to a whole variety of natural substances we can consume, including curcumin, garlic, apricot kernels, (vitamin B17) and a host of others, that disrupt and destroy cancer cells...without undue toxic effect or harm.

The Prime Cause of Cancer:

Nobel Prize winning scientist Dr Otto Warburg discovered that cancer no longer requires oxygen, but instead resorts to a primitive survival state whereby it feeds on glucose.
"Cancer, above all other diseases, has countless secondary causes. But, even for cancer, there is only one prime cause. Summarized in a few words, the prime cause of cancer is the replacement of the respiration of oxygen in normal body cells by a fermentation of sugar." 
"The cause of cancer is no longer a mystery; we know it occurs whenever any cell is denied 60% of its oxygen requirements" 
-- Dr. Otto H. Warburg in Lecture. June 30th 1966.

Despite two Nobel Prizes for his work, the medical establishment dismissed his findings as too simplistic...they really hate anything that isn't highly complex!!

The importance of this is that healthy oxygenation of cells requires an ideal and healthy cellular environment, and when this is unhealthy, then cancer can be the net result. Again the cellular micro-environment is implicated as a prerequisite for cancer.

Want to know how to give your cells massively more oxygen?  Keep reading!

NEVER FEAR CANCER AGAIN..is this man nuts?..

In this video, author of Never fear Cancer Again Raymond Francis explains exactly what cancer is...in beautifully simple terms, even if he might sound a bit nuts at first! 

Keep with it, because you will learn that cancer is nothing more than malfunctioning cells, caused be toxicity and deficiency.... which interferes with oxygen metabolism, causing the cell to revert to a primitive aerobic existence beyond normal controls.

He also explains how our cell membrane is made up of oils we consume, but if made from the wrong type, then less vital  oxygen is able to penetrate...not good!  

Finally, did you know that if you have a glass of water that is slightly acid, and another that is slightly alkaline, the alkaline one can hold 100 TIMES MORE OXYGEN than the acidic one. This is why we need to be slightly alkaline at the cellular level. 

Note: He states that there is no such thing as cancer.....but what he means is that it is (like all other disease) simply CELLULAR MALFUNCTION...which can affect the body in a huge variety of ways, which we then refer to by many different names, including cancer. All disease ultimately boils down to cellular malfunction. And there is always a cause. The cells in question are built from the foods we eat, and are effected by our lifestyle choices.

Conventional medical approach:
Conventional treatments like chemotherapy and radiation virtually destroy any semblance of a healthy cellular micro-environment, and poisons the body to an alarming level. Targeting the resulting tumour, rather that the cancer promoting environment from which it came, has been their treatment of choice for many decades, despite dismal results regarding many types of cancer.

Note: In a small number of cancer types, conventional treatment has hit on a successful formula and obtain a a very high success rate, thus in my view it would be foolish to dismiss any such option. Always check out statistics best you can.

Logical measures I took to eliminate cancer...

My first action was to read up and learn everything I could on the validity of alternative cancer treatments. For this I obviously employed the internet, and also Amazon for top rated books on the subject. Thus began a period of serious research and scrutiny. Not everything made perfect sense, but there was a clear thread of credible theory regarding various methods, backed up by many years of success, even if mostly unverified by medical science. In fact my case would be a good example as to why. 

In practical terms, it is neigh-on impossible to evaluate scientifically what each individual (like myself) actually does, as many of us will deviate and try a good many substances known to help against cancer. What you then have is a mish-mash which becomes basically unquantifiable for researchers conducting any study. 

Also, medical science tends to indulge heavily in reductionism, to establish which magic bullet was the catalyst responsible for the healing, never understanding that healing effect might be due to a combination of nutritional factors (and mental re-programing) that enables the body to stop helping cancer to thrive, and start creating an internal environment that makes cancer a lot less viable.....including a strong re-booted immune system that is not grossly impaired by tons of junk food, sugar, or chronic stress, etc.

Due to medical negligence or incompetence, I had been treated for horrendous tummy pains with mostly laxatives for over 2 years!! For this reason, I was probably only a matter of weeks away from death when eventually the large tumour was found to be blocking my bowel during a colonoscopy. I had rapidly lost weight, and knew I was now in big trouble! This meant I had no choice but to have surgery to remove this tumour and thankfully that was successful. I now had another decision to make...

At this stage I knew that 6 months of chemotherapy would probably kill me. The severe sickness and atrocious side effects produced by chemo would probably destroy any fight I might have left. Conversely, I felt that my best option was to attack the problem with alternative methods, and would hopefully improve my health at the same time, due to a radical improvement in my diet.

Along with the Bill Henderson Protocol, incorporating the famous Budwig diet, and various supplements etc, I was keen to maximise my chances of success by employing a number of natures highly potent anti-cancer substances: The following is a list of the most important:

Essiac tincture

Beta Glucans 1/3, 1/6  *


Pau d'Arco tincture 

Bitter apricot kernels

Barley grass  *

Curcumin x4000

* Asterix = Included in the Bill henderson Protocol.

Note: These supplements were introduced slowly at various stages to add even more potency to my approach, and leave nothing to chance.. As you may guess, some these supplements are quite expensive, so not easily affordable. I just sent for what I could afford, as and when I could.

Disclaimer: I make no claims for these substances apart from the fact that their use appears to have proved successful in my case. However I used this approach because there is plentiful evidence to show these substances have positive effect on the immune system and metabolic function etc. The evidence relating to these substancer is available online for further research. Also, as I explained at the beginning, I was doing this instead of chemotherapy following a bowel op to remove the tumor. Thus my aim was to eliminate any remaining cancer cells. This seemed like a perfectly sound and safe strategy. However, others with a different situation may need a different approach. For example, if you have a significant size tumor, then as tumor cells die off, they present a toxic problem for the system and liver to detox and expell. (A healing crisis) Thus what I present is not an all purpose cancer protocol, but simply an insight into my own personal approach.

However, the above strategies are secondary to one fundamental thing: THE CANCER DIET. This is a whole foods diet rich in vegetables and certain fruits, etc known for strong alkalising effect, and for building health. Much of this is eaten raw (salads etc) for maximum benefit. This diet is FOUNDATIONAL....and provides the basic essential nutrition required for all the above supplements to (synergistically) work their magic. See also my post: Miracle soup for cancer

Cells built from harmful oils:

Second to the above Cancer Diet, which is fundimental and a basis from which to work, I took what I considered both practical and vital (in my case) from the Bill Henderson Protocol, and in particular, the BUDWIG DIET, devised by Dr Johanna Budwig. This features the famous FLAXSEED OIL and COTTAGE CHEESE formula, which is ultimately designed to build new cells with omega 3 rich nutrition. The fact that the Bill Henderson Protocol is largely based around the Budwig Diet, was the main reason I chose this option. It is now known that highly processed hydrogenated oils ubiquitous in almost every store, and within almost every type of processed food, are highly dubious, and result in human cells, where the cell wall is less able to easily take up vital oxygen. Remember that THE PRIME CAUSE OF CANCER is ultimately lack of oxygen. -- Dr. Otto H. Warburg. (See quote above)

Dr. Budwig Discovers The Dangers Of Hydrogenated Oils 

Dr Johanna Budwig
Dr. Budwig told how she found that patients with degenerative diseases and tumor activity typically had an odd greenish-yellow substance in their blood, instead of normal amounts of hemoglobin. She realized that this discovery undoubtedly explained why patients are so often weak and suffering from anemia. Dr. Budwig also discovered that in general, blood that comes from a healthy person contains far greater levels of Omega 3 essential fatty acids than blood samples taken from someone who is ill. When she spoke of hydrogenated fats she was referring to the cooking oils sold in grocery stores. Most extract the oil from corn, sunflowers, plants, etc. by using extreme heat and chemicals. They are no longer alive, but dead oils that cause death to the user. They also are very tough (dead) oils in that they have a 20-year shelf life. These oils get into our cell membranes (where cholesterol should be) and destroy the electrical charge. Without the charge, our cells start to suffocate

What is her background? Dr. Budwig was a qualified pharmacologist, chemist and physicist with a doctorate in physics who worked as the chief expert-consultant for drugs and fats at the former Bundesanstalt fur Fettforschung (Federal Institute for Fats Research). 
Read more: Budwig Centre/ Dr Johanna Budwig bio

Cancer rates in 1900:  At the beginning of the 20th century cancer affected less than 5 in 100 people, now it is approaching 1 in 2 people! This possibly implicates processed foods and hydrogenated oils. It would be strange if these things played no part, given their obvious shortcommings and known effects in regard to other health matters. However the medical profession seems oblivious to these things.

What caused your cancer?

This is a vital element. Take time to investigate the clues regarding your lifestyle, diet, work environment etc, and also other health issues you may have. By identifying the likely causal factors, you can determine to do your best to limit or stop anything that is contributing to, or fuelling, your disease process. Cancer usually arises due to a number of co-contributing factors that coincide and result in the aforementioned "system failure". Remember, your cancer has probably been growing for over 10 years, so you need to look back over a decade to ascertain likely causes.

A common thread is that the cancer victim has not been looking after him/herself, or perhaps neglecting important elements in their lives. Commitments pile up, never any time to relax... and so on. This is like stretching an elastic band to breaking point....and.....you guessed it..... SYSTEM FAILURE!! A major disease erupts.

Contributing factors can be chronic stress, poor diet, processed foods, smoking, alcohol, crop spraying, pesticides, practises that impact the immune system and health, (like high sugar consumption, certain medications and steroid treatments) heavy metals, mental trauma. etc. It is also extremely likely that most of us have consumed huge amounts of hydrogenated oils, and therefore have cells that are far from ideal in structure.



What Caused My Cancer???

Here's my considered opinion.
15 years earlier...
Fifteen years prior to my cancer diagnosis I had suffered with neck pain due to arthritis. The doctor put me on Ibuprofen, a pain killer and anti-inflamitory drug. Unfortunately, I (like many other people) was alergic to this type of drug, and within a few weeks it gave me stomach ulcers!! A COMMON SIDE EFFECT OF THIS DRUG.
However, following this catastrophy, the remedy was to be put onto ulcer medication called Renatidine, also known as Zantac. Unfortunately I ended up taking these for the next 15 years!!
But at what cost??? The action of this drug is to purposely limit the acid in your stomach. However, as acid is essential for digesting food, (especially meat) it seems quite logical that the net result of this will be 15 years of poorly digested food!!! And where does this stuff end up?
You guessed it. THE COLON!
UNDIGESTED FOODSTUFF...instead of being broken down by digestive enzymes and stomach acid, will then rot or putrify in the gut. A breading ground for disease.... and possibly cancer.
Other possible co-factors in the mix would be eating a poor (unhealthy) diet, processed foods and meats, little or no fruit and vegitables! add......periods of substancial stress, anger and frustration, which probably all contributed. I accept my fair share of the blame. And.... sometimes, perhaps you just get unlucky.
Nevertheless, it's easy to see how medication or drugs can possibly play a significant role in the creation of cancer, - not to mention other diseases.
Incidently, when I eventually realised the insanity of taking Renatitdine to control /limit stomach acid for such a prelonged period of time....which caused big problems with constipation, ibs, and eventually....CANCER, I managed to discover ALTERNATIVE methods to HEAL ULCERS! Nowadays, I only get problems if i blatently eat the wrong stuff in significant quantity for a while. i.e. if I abuse my gut. (which will always be susseptable, due to damage caused by Ibuprofen).
And ironically, the reason I ate a poor diet with little fruit for 15 years...was due to the drug (IBUPROFEN) that gave me ulcers in the very beginning! (Most types of fruit can aggrivate ulcers).
The above points up the fact that medical drugs can often create worse problems than you first started with... and there are often alternative NATURAL cures or treatments for many ailments out there. However, the medical industry would tend to insist your only hope is to take their (hugely profitable) drugs, irrespective of the fact that you may face an assortment of possible harmful side-effects. (Which they will have another drug for...and profit immensely from) For the medical industry....ANY HEALTH PROBLEM BECOMES "THE GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING"!

Ask yourself...why am I sick? What have I been doing that contributed to this disease situation?

It is a great first step to eliminate things and practises that have probably contributed greatly to your health crisis.

Like most diseases, cancer is a matter of cause and effect. Change the causes, and you change the effects.

Unfortunately, your doctor will probably tell you that it has nothing to do with diet or lifestyle, and will imply that its just genetic or bad luck. This is how ill-informed they are. 

Note: Beware, according to Mike Adams of Natural News, many foods, health products and supplements produced in China may be contaminated with heavy metals, such as cadmium Mercury and lead etc - from industrial practises, even if labelled organic. A number of other countries also have a lot of pollution issues, so should also be avoided. Check the country of origin. Even "organic" products doesn't guarantee produce is free of heavy metals at dangerous levels, because the product may qualify as "organic"  - simply because the farm is abiding by the strict required criteria, - but unfortunately has no control over what comes down from the sky!

Your MIND is key to total and complete healing...

The mind is the Command Centre of the body, both conscious and subconscious. It is HIGHLY LIKELY that most  people that get cancer have had episodes of self loathing or have cursed their luck or life, I know I had done. Such self-talk is effectively self programming...potentially instructing your body to terminate, or at the very least give up maximum effort to defend against disease. People who give up on life, like many who lose a spouse, often die shortly after. 

This means that to heal, you desperately need to reprogram your mind and convince your mind and spirit that your most precious wish is to LIVE! 

In fact, the very act of digging deep and employing every trick in the book to heal, tells your mind...and every cell in your body... that, by implication, you desperately want to live...and VALUE YOUR LIFE!

I knew that I had to reprogram my mind body and spirit. I had not only abused my body by eating a lot of garbage over the years, but I had had a lot of stress to cope with, along with various health ailments, and sometimes I had turned on myself with intense anger and venom, frustrated at my own lack of progress in life. Life seemed too difficult, and also cruel. I occasionally had suicidal thoughts, and perhaps a death wish on occasions! Then to top it all I started getting diabolical tummy pains..and suffered this on and off for two whole years before finally being diagnosed with bowel cancer.

When I got such a dreadful diagnosis I remember thinking that now I have a good reason to choose suicide, and contemplated the best root to take. It seemed like a quick way to resolve everything.

However, after the cloud lifted, I started to realise that life is a precious gift and worth fighting for. Secondly, I am a fighter, and this cancer issue presented a challenge. I would not surrender. I determined I would learn exactly what cancer is, and find a way to beat it.

Here I would like to share with you one of the regular affirmations I employed... It makes perfect sense. It is irrefutable that you were created from cells and a genetic design and everything your body does is effectively controlled by the subconscious aspects of mind and body....especially in regard to healing and repair. Every surgeon knows that they rely on the body to do all the healing!

From Dr Joseph Murphy:  The Power of your Subconscious Mind.

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

A prayer to self...
Become silent. relax, breath slowly and deeply...trust in your own mind, body, and spirit, and the infinate intelligence. It is vitally important to get in touch with yourself at the deepest level.

"My body and all its organs were created by the infinite intelligence involving my subconscious mind. 

It knows how to heal me. Its wisdom fashioned all of my organs, tissues, muscles and bones.

This infinite healing presence within me is now transforming every cell of my being, making me whole and perfectly healthy.

I give thanks for the healing I know is taking place at this time. Wonderful are the works of the creative intelligence within me".

(There may be minor changes from the original wording.)

This is just one of a number of such self-talk scripts I used to bolster my belief....not in God, but in my own subconscious mind / body...... and the healing power of infinite intelligence or Nature.

Note: As I personally tend to be non-religious, the above makes far more sense for me. Also, almost without exception, everyone that gets cancer will pray to God...and have many praying for them, yet vast numbers still fail to beat cancer. At least I know I EXIST!! and I know my subconscious is potentially my greatest ally, and the above script is likely 100% true.

You must make peace with your inner self. Express love and gratitude to your system.......that gave you life from day one. Ask forgiveness for the years of (probably forgotten) abuse! Once you are at peace with your own inner self, your healing is far more certain.

If you believe in God then I would obviously do both!

Finally, a bit of moderate exercise is hugely helpful to the healing process, and has strong anti-cancer value, as many studies have shown. Walking just 30 mins a day can be enough to have significant effect. More walking...and more fresh air, will oxygenate your body, increase stamina and improve blood flow.

To sum up:


  • Mindset: Reprogramming your outlook is key to success
  • Cancer is far from invincible, it can be made vulnerable, and weak
  • Diet: Radical change is usually essential for recovery
  • Conscript Natures' powerful helpers - there are many
  • Avoid and eliminate all stress where possible.
  • Build the body's vital resources
  • Restore optimum body pH
  • Use the mighty healing power of your subconscious
  • Avoid health destroying processed foods and oils
  • Do some moderate exercise like walking

FOOTNOTE: (For sceptics)

Think this is all theory or nonsense?

Ref: PubMed, (US National Library of Medicine)

Here is an official PubMed Report on Gerson Therapy, a famous alternative cancer treatment that is ignored by modern medicine. It is labelled "quackery" by many. But...

Five-year survival rates of melanoma patients treated by diet therapy after the manner of Gerson: a retrospective review.


Gerson's diet therapy: lactovegetarian; low sodium, fat and (temporarily) protein; high potassium, fluid, and nutrients (hourly raw vegetable/fruit juices). Metabolism increased by thyroid; calorie supply limited to 2600-3200 calories per day. Coffee enemas as needed for pain and appetite.


5-year survival rates by stage at admission.


Of 14 patients with stages I and II (localized) melanoma, 100% survived for 5 years, compared with 79% of 15,798 reported by Balch.

Of 17 with stage IIIA (regionally metastasized) melanoma, 82% were alive at 5 years, in contrast to 39% of 103 from Fachklinik Hornheide.

Of 33 with combined stages IIIA + IIIB (regionally metastasized) melanoma, 70% lived 5 years, compared with 41% of 134 from Fachklinik Hornheide.

We propose a new stage division: IVA (distant lymph, skin, and subcutaneous tissue metastases), and IVB (visceral metastases).

Of 18 with stage IVA melanoma, 39% were alive at 5 years, compared with only 6% of 194 from the Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group.

Survival impact was not assessed for stage IVB. Male and female survival rates were identical for stages I-IIIB, but stage IVA women had a strong survival advantage.


The 5-year survival rates reported here are considerably higher than those reported elsewhere. Stage IIIA/B males had exceptionally high survival rates compared with those reported by other centers.

See full report: PubMed:  (US National Library of Medicine)

The above "logical strategy" is based largely on a FORMULA discussed in an earlier post called... 

Logical Formula to Beat Cancer Without Toxic Chemo Drugs 

Find out what it is

Presenting the Formula:



(Total lack of viability for cancer to thrive)  

This theory is explained in detail in the following post: