Monday, 3 June 2013

Cancer Is Not Exactly What You've Been Told!

The Truth About Cancer:

Cancer is the body's response to dangerously toxic build up, which is the final event in the life of a cell, which is struggling to stay alive and repair...which is then forced to mutate, and switch to a primative default mode, which now thrives without oxygen, and instead uses fermentation to survive.

Modern diet and lifestyle is building an inner environment ideal for building cancer...and other diseases, and dreadfully deficient in ability to maintain health.

Stop Building Disease Part 1 of 3

Listen to some wisdom on the subject. You will learn a lot here.

Stop Building Disease Part 2 of 3



Stop Building Disease Part 3 of 3


Healing Cancer With Common Sense with Dr. Thomas Lodi

In the words of Dr Thomas Lodi...If just eliminating the cancer was the solution, then the cure rate for cancer would be significantly higher. A truly comprehensive cancer treatment program must address how to keep the cancer from coming back:

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