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A Change of Diet Cured My Cancer! (A Common Cry)

How A Change of Diet Cured My Cancer!

By Professor Jane Plant CBE

This story is one of many on record whereby a radical change of diet has quickly eradicated cancer!

Professor Jane Plant CBE, one of Britain's most eminent scientists, contracted breast cancer in 1987. She had FIVE recurrences and a double mastectomy, and by 1993 the cancer had spread to her lymph system. It reached a point where orthodox medicine gave up and she was told that she only had three months to live. (As reported in the Daily Mail Online)

Extract of Daily Mail article: "And then one day, it all made sense - and what I discovered that day was to change my life for ever. It was six years after I was first diagnosed, and my family and I had been to hell and back. I'd had so many gruelling operations - a mastectomy, 12 sessions of chemotherapy and 35 radiotherapy treatments, and despite everything, I was still left with a lump the size of half a boiled egg sticking out of my neck."

She goes on...."It was a secondary cancer, since the disease had reached my lymph system, and I was absolutely fed up. I'd just had a session of chemotherapy which had had no effect on this latest large lump - I was measuring it with callipers, so I knew". It's hard to explain to a non-scientist the mental and emotional buzz you get when you know that you have just had an important insight. It's as if you have had a lot of jigsaw pieces in your mind and suddenly the whole picture becomes clear. My husband Peter is also a scientist - and he had recently come back from a trip to China.

We were musing on why so few Chinese women get breast cancer - their incidence of the disease is one in 100,000 - and what was different about their way of life, and it suddenly struck me that they just didn't have any dairy products in their diet. I eliminated all dairy produce from my diet immediately - I had been eating organic yoghurt to help my digestive tract recover from the chemotherapy, but I also threw out anything containing milk products, from biscuits to soups and even some forms of margarine.

Within days, the lump began to itch, then to soften and shrink, until, after six weeks, it had vanished altogether. Full article:


I have unearthed many such cases, and will publish more on this blog. Orthodox medicine and "Cancer Research" organisations tend not to investigate such "miracles"...I'm not quite sure why (?), but then nobody is going to get a Nobel Prize and life changing fame and fortune for recognising what others have already discovered. (Namely that a radical change of deny the enemy perfect conditions and terrain, can often be a way to defeat cancer.)

Logical Explanation?

Having read Dr Scott-Mumby's book Diet Wise, I am aware that intolerance to foods is widespread and commonplace. Thus it seems very likely that because we are all different, some people that have an unknown food allergy or intolerance, (milk in this case perhaps) will have a system that is, (due to this disposition), at a significant disadvantage when such a disease strikes. Such a problem could easily be hampering the immune system, which may obviously allow cancer to thrive with little resistance to its progress. Eliminating that problem food may be one trump card that can turn the tables on cancer.

On the other hand, some experts suggest that it's "animal protein" -in itself - that is a major promoter of cancer. (Or too much thereof) The China Study (a book by Professor T. Colin Cambell PhD) shows clear evidence that cancer in rats can be turned on and off at will, simply by increasing, or decreasing animal protein to their diet. Interestingly, the protein used in these experiments was cows milk protein, (casein).

Most alternative cancer protocols involve eliminating all meat and dairy, (animal protein) at least for a reasonable period of time.

What to Do...and What NOT to Do, to Reverse Cancer

Founder of the American Anti-Cancer Institute

Here's a doctor who gives us insights into how diet and supplements can be far more effective...and far safer, than chemo drugs, and explains why this approach works so well.

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