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Logical Formula to Beat Cancer Without Toxic Chemo Drugs

Is Standard Cancer Treatment Logical? Why Conventional Cancer Treatments Turn Logic Upside Down!

Science often reminds us about the concept of CAUSE and EFFECT, yet in most treatments relating to chronic disease, such as cancer, the cause is often treated as of little importance.

The important scientific principle of "cause and effect" is largely ignored by modern medicine! Why?  Read on to find out...

The following is a formula that sums up the prime logic of the strategy I personally followed, based on a variety of sources and approaches.

Presenting the Formula:



(Total lack of viability for cancer to thrive)  

This theory is explained in detail below.

Note: With the correct approach it is possible to hopefully reverse cancer and eliminate it altogether. Alternatively at least make it largely unviable to the extent that it is no longer a rampant danger, and instead becomes something that is so  restricted that it is much more containable, or virtually inactive.
Things that ensure rapid cancer growth are:
High sugar intake,
acidic body pH,
High stress levels,
Poor diet and deficiencies
And others, see below.

First the context:


If you suffer a car crash or fall off a ladder, or have a heart attack... the Medical Profession is magnificent. Emergency treatment is often the difference between life and death. All the treatments (such as drugs and surgery etc) are designed to quickly address the effect of whatever has befallen you. With such a medical emergency obviously we CANNOT address the it's patently far too late for that. (at least for you!

However, this same basic approach is usually extended to chronic disease too, even though we are often in a position whereby we CAN address the cause. It is nowhere near too late in most cases. Yet the same mindset and approach seem to prevail. They address the EFFECTS (symptoms) but largely ignore the actual CAUSE. (apart from giving you a leaflet on lifestyle, perhaps.) For most people this usually means drugs drugs and more drugs... and some surgery if deemed helpful.

"Unless the cause and preconditions of the initial cancer occurrence are corrected, a high risk of disease progression and recurrence remains."
Sunridge Medical: Alternative Treatment Clinic

Obviously [initially] it is indisputably important to treat and relieve the symptoms of chronic disease, such as pain etc, but this should be followed by addressing the causes with a protocol of measures designed to eliminate those causes, and truly allow the body to repair and heal itself, - as it usually can, - if you take away the main causes. Conventional medicine rarely employs this logic. Most patients go home and unwittingly continue to promote their chronic disease! Doctors have little to offer but surgery and drugs.

This is the Achilles heel of modern medical practise,

Treatment Motives: Doctors are trained to recognise the symptoms of disease and treat them, - not remove the CAUSE of the disease.

There is no doubt as to the integrity and higher motives of doctors and others in the medical profession regarding cancer. Unfortunately they carry out their training to the letter!

In other words, they are intensively trained to think, analyse, calculate, and SEE the world with a type of tunnel vision, whereby for almost every medical problem the solution must be a pharmaceutical drug.

They are bombarded with related literature and propaganda on a daily basis, and commonly receive generous gifts from pharmaceutical companies and vested interests.  Actual HEALING is a totally different concept altogether. Any doctor who departs from standard practise, risks their licence and career. It takes a brave doctor to cross over to a more sane approach. But thankfully there are some who do.

The problem being...that most of these drugs are harmful and dangerous.

Doctors on strike = huge fall in death rates!!
According to various sources, when doctors go on strike anywhere in the world, death rates dramatically fall! 

With doctors on strike, one might assume the death rate would go up. But this is never the case.

Referring to a strike in Israel...

To find out whether the industrial action was affecting deaths in the country, the Jerusalem Post interviewed Jewish burial societies, which perform funerals for the vast majority of Israelis.  Hananya Shahor, the veteran director of Jerusalems Kehilat Yerushalayim burial society said, "The number of funerals we have performed has fallen drastically."  Meir Adler, manager of the Shamgar Funeral Parlour, which buries most other residents of Jerusalem, declared with much more certainty: Referring to strikes... "There definitely is a connection between the doctors sanctions and fewer deaths. We saw the same thing in 1983 when the Israel Medical Association applied sanctions for four and a half months."

And to ensure we don't easily understand most of what they do...and maintain their authority and power over mere mortals, they employ a secret language with words devised from LATIN!

Note: It is a common criticism that alternative treatments have not undergone normal clinical trials. But... as one doctor had to admit, although all pharmaceutical drugs go through stringent trials, there are NO TRIALS WHATSOEVER regarding the effects of a [combination] involving several drugs...and how they might react in relation to one another. As MANY patients are prescribed multiple types of different drug, the doctor is actually giving a treatment combo that has never been trialed!! Thus they are essentially using guesswork, and hope for minimal side effects to occur. Any side effects that do occur will of course be treated with further drugs!

Forget the Underlying Causes! Blitz the Symptoms!!

Hint: If they treat and cure or eliminate the fundamental cause of someones ill health...they shut down all earning potential from that patients disease. Not a good business model!!

Instead, doctors 'maintain' a persons illness, not cure or eliminate it.

To continue:
Remember, if there is an EFFECT, there must be a CAUSE. In other words, cancer is being created by causal factors, not simply appearing from nothing. Thus it follows that this tumour has arisen from various factors that help it to come into existence and thrive. And cancer cannot thrive without something approaching fairly ideal circumstances within the body, (see below) otherwise everyone would have malignant tumours. The fact is, (when healthy) we have very significant defences against cancer. When cancer is found, there is definite reason. Putting aside genetic disposition cases, which are said to be rare, there are always causal factors. The problem with blitzing the symptoms is that you leave the underlying fundamental CAUSES still in place.

The scientific principal of cause and effect must apply.

Incidentally, the medical profession refer to something called "SPONTANEOUS REMISSION" when someones cancer disappears without explanation. They imply it simply vanished. Yet the scientific principal of cause and effect suggests no such thing can happen -without a logical CAUSE. Research has  found that a whopping 87% of such people had switched diets, usually to a plant-based vegetarian type diet.

We are told that the fundamental cause of cancer is largely chemicals and toxins, referred to as "carcinogens". So why attempt to cure cancer with carcinogenic toxic drugs? And why are the underlying causes of cancer largely ignored when it comes to treatment of this disease by conventional medicine?

The ABCDEFG Formula

Neutralising the fundamental cuases of cancer: What are they?
When I talk of CAUSES, I also refer to the DRIVERS of cancer. Not just the heat source or spark (carcinogen) that caused the Forest fire in the first place, but also the fuel and other factors that ensure it can burn, thus sustaining the blaze.

Main CAUSES and DRIVERS of cancer include:

  •  A/  Toxicity: (incl carcinogens)

  •  B/  A weak or impaired immune system

  •  C/  Poor diet (lacking essential elements)

  •  D/  Enzyme and nutrient deficiencies

  •  E/  Poor oxygenation of cells

  •  F/  Acidic body pH

  •  G/  Chronic stress factors  

What you see here is burden and overload, which limits the body's (normal) ability to self-heal and deal vigorously with mutating cells in the first place. Under such disadvantage, it cannot recover, without serious help. This means rectifying the above problems.

All of the above promote and sustain cancer. The above health issues are largely associated with diet and lifestyle, common to Western culture. Of course, all of the above issues are not impossible to treat or reverse. In fact within a matter of weeks, a huge improvement is possible in many cases. This is proven fact, and not difficult. All are normally fixable.

It gets better... because when you improve one problem issue, you automatically help to improve some of the others. This is because chronic stress for example, is known to create acidity, and impact the immune system.  And obviously poor diet is responsible for a number of other listed factors. Toxicity impacts the whole system. And when you detoxify, you obviously help everything related to your health.

In fact, because these things are intrinsically linked, and have such a positive knock-on effect, this might explain why some (rather lucky) people have cured their cancer by rectifying just ONE of the above, such as diet, or toxicity or pH. Others may have had success by means that rectify two or more of these issues. Obviously it is best to deliberately rectify them all.

Thus you can see that problems ABCDEFG represent a VICIOUS CIRCLE. Each element tends to promote or support the other. However, [conversely] when you intelligently set out to improve these issues, you start to create a VIRTUOUS CIRCLE, whereby (with a strictly followed anti-cancer protocol) health can be slowly and safely restored.

Of course there are other CAUSES and DRIVERS one could mention, such as inflammation, sugar and other common foodstuffs, along with common toxic substances in the environment one should avoid at all costs. The ultimate point being that cancer is a SYSTEMIC DISEASE (a disease of the system) If the biology of the system has become cancer promoting...then guess what tends to happen!

All of these factors (underlying causes) are normally totally ignored by modern medicine, in favour of attacking the effect - or symptom (tumour) - not the cause. In fact with radiation or chemotherapy ALL of the above listed causes and drivers are made 10 times worse!

Most of the above issues can be rectified naturally with special diet, supplements, super foods, exercise, and other means, enhancing both health and the immune system.

Let's look at a simple formula regarding above list:

If...  A B C D E F and G = CANCER

Why not treat and rectify A B C D E F and G? 

CANCER (minus) A B C D E F G is much less viable.

Targeting and destroying the tumour... (with toxic treatments) on the other hand, leaves ABCDEFG still in place, (and inevitably made worse) making it very likely to create a similar problem in the near future, as often happens.  (This part is NOT theory.)

NOTE: People in parts of the World where cancer is VERY RARE, (including Britain USA etc prior to 1900) would  probably display few of these main CAUSES and DRIVERS such as ABCDEFG above. (These traits are common to modern Western diet and lifestyle)

Studies show that when peoples from countries with very low cancer rates emigrate to the West, and adopt similar diet and lifestyle, they then acquire  the exact same high cancer rates as the rest of us...due to fundamental causes and drivers, such as....ABCDEFG listed.



Once attained, and without such a supportive environment, the tumour is far more vulnerable to natural cancer fighting substances... (of which there are many)....and the newly strengthened immune system itself.

NOTE: Most alternative cancer treatments usually work by achieving this, either directly, or indirectly. They may do it in a variety of different ways, but this factor is probably a major aspect of the process in most cases.

The above is obviously a simplistic formula, and there are other factors known and unknown. Nevertheless it is known that many people have cured their cancer with a similar strategy.

So why does modern medicine insist on ignoring the causes? Perhaps it's just a coincidence but:

Targeting the CAUSES... has zero profit potential.

Targeting the EFFECTS... has massive profit potential.

This might explain why the spearhead of cancer research and technology is focused relentlessly on the effects, which results in a mindset fixated on destroying the all costs. (Get rid of the tumour, and the patient will be just fine) Yet we all know that is often far from true.

I can possibly sympathise with the use of chemotherapy or radiotherapy in the worst case scenario, and for the most aggressive cases, or where things have great urgency about them. (These cases have more in common with the emergency /life saving medical intervention discussed at the beginning of this page.) But in my view, in the vast majority of cases, treating the CAUSES with natural non-toxic methods must be safer, more rational, and ultimately the most logical step.

Am I suggesting that the Cancer Industry ignores these things simply for profit reasons? No. But the Pharmaceutical / Medical Industry in general is not focused on HEALING THE BODY... but on TREATING SYMPTOMS...almost always with chemically formulated DRUGS. The answer to almost every ill is a drug!! This is the nature of modern medicine, and its dependence on pharmaceuticals..



Every other day we read the headlines and see... [named celebrity or famous person's] Cancer Has Come Back...Despite Having Two Courses of Chemotherapy.........etc etc etc. This seems perversely common. If we were to hear of ALL the non-famous victims suffering a similar outcome, we may come to our senses, and demand something better.

In contrast, alternative cancer treatments tend to address the CAUSE, or CAUSES, to reverse the biological crisis we refer to as cancer. Instead of aiming highly toxic substances at the tumour, and at the same time doing immense damage to the immune system and vital organs of the patient, the alternative way is to eliminate or heal the root causes and.... boost the immune system, - which in all probability, was in a poor state of health prior to acquiring cancer in the first place.

It is highly likely that chemicals, including many pharmaceutical drugs, (not just chemo) tend to significantly suppress the immune system, and thus leave a person vulnerable to cancer. It is known that everybody has a number of cancer cells created daily, but the immune system normally devours them. But with a chronically suppressed immune system, some such cells can potentially take hold and grow. We then see a tumour.(or tumours)

Standard Medicine only attacks the EFFECTS...(the tumour) be it with surgery, radiotherapy, or chemotherapy. Yet doing this, almost GUARANTEES that the CAUSES STILL REMAIN...

(i.e. A toxic body... and a chronically suppressed immune system, which is usually left devastated by the toxicity of the treatment!)

This leaves fertile ground...if not perfect soil for cancer to come back. Which it often does!!

Standard treatments only make logical sense from a BUSINESS perspective. Yes I concede that sometimes standard treatment (may) be the best hope - in some cases. And surgery was essential in my own case, (due to a tumour blocking the bowel) but nevertheless, it is surely IRRATIONAL to employ deadly toxins, making the patient 10 times sicker, as the FIRST RESORT for treating cancer.

You might say; Yes but cancer is deadly!

But so are the highly toxic treatments! Many die as a direct result of chemo. Others are left with a grave amount of damage. The fact that an often small minority survive 5 years or more seems to justify the whole approach.

The above "FORMULA" is clearly a broad-brush explanation or theory...which then requires a truly rational cancer protocol, in order to exploit the logic of the approach.

Many natural non-toxic treatments exist that offer far greater results. I personally rejected chemotherapy, (which I felt would finish me off) and followed the The Bill Henderson Protocol which, to my mind, falls into the perfectly logical category...or at least one of the best available at the current time.

Another great book on the subject of alternative cancer treatments is written
 by Ty Bollinger, called  Cancer: Step Outside The Box

Needless to say, I believe that had Medical Science and the Cancer Industry taken this path, and deployed its massive resources in the direction of true healing...dealing with the fundamental causes, - rather than SYMPTOM BUSTING...dealing with the effects, - then perhaps we would be in a far better situation regarding both cancer, and other major diseases.

Top physicist suggests current cancer theory is wrong.  Recently, the National Cancer Institute conscripted a top theoretical physicist without any medical knowledge or training, to crack cancer. Professor Paul Davies and his team of leading scientists have come to some startling conclusions. His talk on cancer can be seen in this post, where amazingly, his conclusions on cancer suggest Orthodox medicine has got it badly wrong, and much of his theory on cancer has much more in common with alternative cancer doctors and writers! (The ones commonly referred to as quacks!!) Read more, see video


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