Sunday, 6 July 2014

Juicing to Beat Cancer

The Logic of Juicing to Fight and Eliminate Cancer.

There is a clear and obvious logic to juicing if you wish to reverse any disease, even if almost totally ignored by conventional medicine. The quantity and quality of natural raw nutrients available to your body and cells becomes totally beyond compare to that which you could hope to consume by normal eating. And the juice you consume is instantly useful to your body without hours of digestion, complete with natures health promoting enzymes

Although ignored wholesale by Orthodox Medicine, the logic is inescapable: You are made up of what you eat! All the nutrients you (or any other animal) consume, are absorbed and used to build every part of your body, apart from things like fibre, which are expelled. Not only that, but all the systems operating within the body rely heavily on getting the best possible nutrients to allow for optimal function at every level.

So there is a gaping chasm in conventional medicine, where, for some strange reason, the importance of correct nutrition is rather a taboo subject, and they tend to play down its significance.

Highly processed foods are incapable of delivering what the body requires, and as a result, millions of people are susceptible to a multitude of chronic diseases, as their bodies struggle to cope with the toxic world around us.

If  lack of proper nutrition is a major CAUSE of cancer, it makes sense that it must potentially be part of the SOLUTION. Juicing is one way to guarantee high levels of quality nutrients your body silently craves.

Gerson Therapy has been healing people with cancer for over a hundred years. It works! In this video you will discover some of the secrets to its success.

Juicing is a major aspect of the famous Gerson Therapy.

Juicing Vs Blending:

The science of juicing and how to get the very best nutrition to rebuild your entire body, building strong healthy cells from some of the most powerful nutrients on earth such as wheatgrass, by Hippocrates Health Institute...


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